The 12 Best New Phones You Can't Buy

Barcelona's Mobile World Congress came and went, and didn't amount to much in the way of US cellphones. The rest of the world got some seriously nice gear, though. Here's the best of the best of the out of reach. » 2/19/10 2:00pm 2/19/10 2:00pm

Verizon LTE Wireless Clocking 60Mbps In US Tests, Confirmed to Launch…

Verizon's rollout of its 4G Long Term Evolution network is in the trial phase in three metro areas, and lucky testers are seeing peak speeds of 60Mbps—wireless. Best of all, 2010 commercial launch is confirmed. » 2/18/09 1:30pm 2/18/09 1:30pm

NTT DoCoMo Snap-Apart Phone Belongs in Museum of WTF

Charlie at Wired's Gadget Lab finds NTT DoCoMo's two-piece magnetic phone entertaining, but to me, the reasons it's supposed to be useful range from frivolous to baffling to just plain dumb. » 2/17/09 8:00pm 2/17/09 8:00pm

Hyundai MB400 Phone Looks Like a Bad Apple Fan Concept from 2006

Still bitter that Apple didn't use your totally rad theoretical iPhone concept all those years ago? You know, the iPod with Photoshopped phone icons on it? Well, have I got a phone for you! » 2/17/09 6:25am 2/17/09 6:25am

LG GD900 Phone Slides to Reveal a See-Thru Keypad

Boy Genius posted an image of this new LG GD900 Phone previewed at Mobile World Congress that appears to be a slider with a chic-looking transparent keypad. Nice. » 2/16/09 10:20pm 2/16/09 10:20pm

What You Can Expect from Windows Mobile 6.5 Next Month

Andrew Lees, Microsoft's dude in charge of cellphone software told the NY Times in so many words what you can expect from Windows Mobile 6.5 at Mobile World Congress next month. Some's good, some's clueless. » 1/22/09 7:40pm 1/22/09 7:40pm

SkyBox: Microsoft's MobileMe, But for All Phones?

Next month at MWC, Microsoft's cloud services will crash to earth: SkyBox, SkyLine and SkyMarket. Neowin says that SkyBox is Microsoft's answer to Apple's MobileMe, the killer being that it's maybe for non-Windows Mobile phones. » 1/19/09 11:10am 1/19/09 11:10am