T-Mobile Shadow II Has MyFaves, HotSpot@Home, But Is It Still Made by HTC?

The Original T-Mobile HTC Shadow was quite good for a Windows mobile phone because of its non-Windows-Mobile Windows Mobile UI. If this leaked picture really is the Shadow II, then T-Mobile is continuing on the same path of loading a proprietary UI on top of the standard WM facade. There's not much else we can tell… » 4/15/08 5:50pm 4/15/08 5:50pm

T-Mobile's Fave-o-tron Helps You Pick Your Faves

A neat little App from T-Mobile helps you decide who belongs in your myFaves, the plan on T-Mobile that allows you to call five people for free. It's basically just a set of questions like "Who will help you move to Alaska", and "Who will be at your surprise birthday party", then narrowing it down with "Who notices… » 10/27/06 7:00pm 10/27/06 7:00pm