So the PSP Go Is Basically a Sony Mylo 2 With Gaming Then?

The PSP Go leak confirmed two things: that the device was real and that it's coming at E3, and that Sony's experience with the Mylo internet device wasn't going to be wasted. They look almost exactly the same. » 5/30/09 4:30pm 5/30/09 4:30pm

Gadget Deals of the Day

Emperor, I mean Treasury Secretary, Paulson may have decreed that the bailout isn't just for bunk mortgage securities anymore, but my guess is you and I won't be receiving a chunk of that $700 billion federal pie directly anytime soon. So today's recession special Dealzmodo roundup will ensure you're not left out with… » 11/12/08 5:20pm 11/12/08 5:20pm

Sony Rebrands Mylo Personal Communicator as Mylo Internet Device,…

Sony took the radical step of renaming their "Mylo Personal Communicator" the "Mylo Internet Device." Though it's unlikely to affect the five of you that actually bought a Mylo, you have to wonder if it's a last ditch effort to generate interest in a product that didn't exactly set the gadget world on fire. [… » 8/14/08 8:40pm 8/14/08 8:40pm

Sony Patent Hints at PlayStation Phone, Possible Mystery Device?

The prospect of a PSP phone looks even more likely now that we've seen Sony's patent for a touchscreen handheld. The patent describes a device with "digital tactile pixels" that respond to touch and give feedback via vibration. This patent was submitted by Sony Computer Entertainment, the group behind PlayStation, and… » 6/30/08 7:01pm 6/30/08 7:01pm

Sony Mylo 2 Now Records Video, Supports 16GB Memory Sticks

Are any of our readers sporting Mylo 2s? If so, carrying that smartphone-sans-phone is finally starting to pay off as today's firmware update brings video recording. There's other stuff too-16GB Memory Stick and general UI improvements-but the video is the big upgrade. Just stick with that Mylo 2 a little longer and… » 6/30/08 9:55am 6/30/08 9:55am

Sony Mylo 2 Software Upgrade Brings WMV Support, Other Stuff

A software upgrade to v1.1000 is now available for the Sony Mylo 2. The update brings WMV file support, a games shortcut on the home screen and SHOUTcast widget compatibility. Get your upgrade on by hitting the link, and if you notice any other improvements, drop them in the comments below. [Sony via Pocketables] » 4/12/08 6:41pm 4/12/08 6:41pm

Pocket Spelling Bee Looks Suspiciously Familiar

Franklin's new Pocket Spelling Bee was unveiled at the NYC Toy Fair this week and despite its more than passing resemblance to the Sony Mylo, it appears to be a solid educational toy. The device allows kids to compete against one another or the computer in a spelling showdown for supremacy. » 2/20/08 7:40pm 2/20/08 7:40pm

Sony Mylo 2 Now Available

Sony's portable web surfing device, the Mylo 2, which has full flash support, a touchscreen and Wi-Fi connectivity is now officially available for sale. The first shipments will take place on Monday, but you can go ahead and orders yours now. Check out out our complete Mylo 2 strip down, and groping session to make up… » 1/26/08 7:40pm 1/26/08 7:40pm

Sony Mylo 2 Gets Leaked? published a picture back in October that sheds some light on the Sony Mylo 2 FCC rumor we showed you yesterday. This older shot shows off the device's front side, which meshes with what we saw in the FCC docs—namely, a sliding body with rounded sides and a flattened top and bottom. We know a bit more about the… » 12/18/07 5:19pm 12/18/07 5:19pm

Sony Mylo 2 Handheld Communicator Keeps Sliding Form Factor, Adds…

There isn't much to know just yet about the Sony Mylo 2, an update of the original Skype/Wi-Fi/Browser/Messaging tool that hit last year. What we do know is that it looks slightly more squarish than the original, it keeps the sliding form factor, adds a camera and has 802.11g as well as 802.11b. The only thing we'd… » 12/17/07 2:30pm 12/17/07 2:30pm

Afternoon News: Give Gifts on Wii, Get a Cheap Mylo, New Light Bulbs…

• Dealzmodo: Sign up for a Sony Visa card, get a Mylo for $49 and one free year of T-Mobile Hotspot service. Our own Chris Mascari said it best: "Kinda makes me wish I wanted a Mylo." [Sony]
• The Wii Shop now lets you send Virtual Console games to friends as gifts. First person to send me Super Mario 64 gets a gold… » 12/10/07 4:00pm 12/10/07 4:00pm

The NY Times on Mylo: Pogue Goes Back to School

The liberal media elite over at the New York Times just now published a review of the Sony mylo some two months late. Pogue himself takes a look at the end all, be all, WiFi, Skype, IM, Browser, music sharing mp3 player aimed at students. My favorite part is his opening line: » 10/20/06 1:05pm 10/20/06 1:05pm

Mylo Gets Hot, Kisses T-Mobile

Mylo owners just scored a year of free T-Mobile HotSpot access. As anyone who has popped open their laptop in a Star*ucks knows, that's a $30 per month value. We've been high on Sony's personal communicator ever since we got the first look at it back in August. The only hangup was: How do you make Mylo useful if you… » 10/12/06 12:29pm 10/12/06 12:29pm

First Sony mylo Screenshots: The Home Page

Sony Mylo, the new wifi communicator we broke the news on a week or so ago, has a home page that lists your buddies by icons. Since the phone has Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo IM, and Email, you can just select a friend's icon, and then click on which service you want to use to ping them. » 8/18/06 4:15pm 8/18/06 4:15pm

PSP2 Wish List

Some gadget freaks are never happy. Right after Sony launches the Mylo, David Carnoy at CNet is demanding more with a list of requests for the Sony PSP2, ranging from a built-in hard drive to a second flash media slot for SD and xD cards. While the first is possible, given Sony's devotion to the MemoryStick the second… » 8/17/06 2:15pm 8/17/06 2:15pm

Sony mylo Update: Hot Images, New Name, Sony Site Live

Remember the Sony mylo we posted pictures, stats, and a video on last night? Well Sony's official store page is up, along with a dedicated mini-site. The Sony "roboticized" model name is COM-1/W and COM-1/B (respectively, the white and black models.) The Links to all, with more pretty images, after the jump. » 8/08/06 9:24pm 8/08/06 9:24pm

Sony Mylo: Media Player With WiFi, Skype, Browser, and Messaging

Compared to most Sony gear we've seen over the past few years, the mylo is a breath of fresh air. The media player does MPEG-4, digital audio, and pictures. But it also has a WiFi connection and a QWERTY keyboard, for chatting on Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger (No AIM support, sorry.) Wait, wait, wait! It also… » 8/08/06 1:00am 8/08/06 1:00am