5 Buildings Shrouded In Conspiracy

The symbolism and meaning of architecture, even when explained by the architects and engineers, can often become muddy with the interpretations of scholars and the public. These interpretations can be about the design itself or about alleged events that occurred at the building in question. At times, a building or set… » 1/15/14 7:00pm 1/15/14 7:00pm

An Up Close Look at the East Coast Google Mystery Barge

The Google mystery barges docked near San Francisco and Portland, Maine are getting even more mysterious. We've seen the barge and heard the arguments about what's inside. But news that the search giant is making government officials keep their mouths shut about them—that takes it to the next level. » 10/30/13 10:53am 10/30/13 10:53am

These fascinating hidden places are forbidden to most mortals

Mysterious structures in the Chinese desert, abandoned subway stations that look like doorways to a steampunk future that never was, top secret nuclear submarine bases built by Stalin in the heart of mountains, hidden bunkers all over the world, forbidden headquarters for spy and military organizations... take a look… » 9/01/13 10:27pm 9/01/13 10:27pm

Photos of Mysterious UFO-Shaped Object Sunk In Baltic Sea

Last year, a mysterious UFO-shaped 60-foot disc was discovered in the bottom of the Baltic sea by a Swedish ocean exploration team using sonar. Now, that same team has managed to get near it and take photographs. According to diver Stefan Hogeborn, it's unlike anything they've ever seen: » 6/15/12 1:26pm 6/15/12 1:26pm

Mysterious “Shellphone” Device Expected to Arrive this Month

Rumor has it that a new phone is about to hit the market, and it's expected to make a big splash. While there is very little confirmed information available about the tentatively-named "Shellphone," several well-placed sources are confirming the launch of a device within weeks. The phone is said to run on the brand-new… » 12/12/11 11:59am 12/12/11 11:59am

Faulty Speed Sensors to Blame in Air France Flight 447 Crash

Faulty Pitot tubes—speed sensors that are crucial for auto-pilot navigation—surfaced as one of the leading theories explaining why Air France 447 crashed in 2009. The latest black box analysis confirms that invalid readings were provided right before the plane crashed. » 5/27/11 10:30am 5/27/11 10:30am