How To Get The Sharpest Images Possible Out Of Your Old Consoles

If you've tried playing a retro console on a modern HDTV, you may not have liked what you saw — smeary, stretched images that are a far cry from the sharp chunky blocks of yesteryear. Luckily, there's a better way for purists to get a crystal clear image that doesn't involve buying an old CRT TV. »8/26/14 4:58pm8/26/14 4:58pm

N64 Controller Bong Combines the Two Reasons Your College GPA Sucked

As apparently I'm the de-facto expert on all things cannabis related around here, I was asked to post about this N64 Controller/Bong mod. In my expert opinion, it's badass. I mean, it looks like there's some sort of tinfoil bowl apparatus where the thumbstick used to be, which is good, as if he was just smoking it out… »9/28/07 10:30am9/28/07 10:30am