Nvidia's Nforce Chipset Is Dead in the Water

I used an Nvidia Nforce-based motherboard in the first computer I ever built, so I'm a little sad to see that Nvidia's freezing all development on their Nforce chipset because of licensing issues with Intel, primarily over whether or not Nvidia's license covers chipsets for Nehalem-based processors. Nvidia's not… » 10/08/09 9:29am 10/08/09 9:29am

Nvidia, Intel Kiss and Make Up: Bloomfield CPU to Have SLI Tech After All

Intel and Nvidia's cold war over the discrete and integrated graphics chipsets that sit inside our computers seems to have at least partially thawed. Nvidia's announced that "it will be bringing the power and performance of its SLI® multi-GPU technology to Intel's upcoming line of Bloomfield CPUs." Upcoming SLI… » 7/15/08 4:54am 7/15/08 4:54am

Intel and Nvidia At War, Gamers Are Collateral Damage

Sure, Nvidia's crashing into the mobile market Intel wants to dominate. And Intel is running into discrete graphics (not to mention ruling with integrated graphics). But you know, it's friendly right? Wrong. It's total war. Nvidia's continuing to hold out licensing SLI support for Intel's boards, notably its next-gen… » 6/02/08 9:00pm 6/02/08 9:00pm