Asus' N10 Non-Eee UMPC Gets Some Hands-On Action, More Specs

While information has been arriving in fits and starts on Asus' new N10 » 9/18/08 4:57am 9/18/08 4:57am non-Eee ultra-portable, over at they got a teeny hands-on view of the PC. The 10-inch machine (which Asus was keen to stress as a notebook not a netbook) is due to come in N10E and N10J versions, with the main differences being the HDD and…

Sony TX N10 Series is First Laptop with Built-In EVDO Rev. A Data

Sony's pretty TX series was always a friend of ours—way before the little bastard got all high and mighty with its 800kbps Sprint EVDO Rev. A connection. Before it was the first laptop with that kind of ultra fast connection, the TX was just another ultralight from the block. We remember when all it had was that wimpy… » 9/26/06 9:00am 9/26/06 9:00am