Nokia N73 3.2-Megapixel Cameraphone Reviewed (Verdict: Great Camera)

Nokia's N73's main feature is of course, the 3.2-megapixel camera. The camera has a Carl Zeiss auto-focus lens, which makes taking pictures a snap. The shutter works the same way as standard digital cameras, with the "auto-focus" part activating when you press the button halfway, and capturing the picture when you… »8/10/06 4:24pm8/10/06 4:24pm

Nokia's N73 Cellphone With 3.2-megapixel Camera Available Now in Europe

The Nokia N73, complete with 3.2-megapixel camera, is available now in Europe for around $700. The N73, which was announced in April, features a number of options that make it an attractive option for photography buffs (well, insofar as photography buffs don't mind using a cellphone for taking photos), such as… »7/31/06 9:43am7/31/06 9:43am