Sling Steps Outside With SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian S60

SlingPlayer mobile, the app that lets you watch all your TV shows on your cellphone streamed from your SlingBox, has just launched in the US for $29, Canada for $34, and the UK for £19. It's the same basic functionality—although this has streaming support over 3G and/or Wi-Fi and landscape fullscreen support—but now… »9/27/07 6:30am9/27/07 6:30am

Nokia N75 Review and Gallery: Hands on the First Official N-Series Phone

This morning, I woke up to find a virginal Nokia N75, still in its shrink-wrap, delivered to my waiting arms, waiting to be unpacked, clicked through and reviewed. A refresher for those of you who haven't been paying attention: The series 60 Symbian phone is notable because it's the first N-series Nokia to be picked… »5/03/07 8:00pm5/03/07 8:00pm

Nokia N75 Multimedia Smartphone Due on Cingular Any Day Now

"Sources" say the Nokia N75 is about to hit Cingular in the next few days. While this should please people who use cellphones as a status symbol, us gadget geeks have known about its existence for a few months now. The specs remain as impressive as when we first heard about it (based on Symbian Series 60, 3G friendly… »12/04/06 2:50pm12/04/06 2:50pm