Nokia's Jeppe Web-Controlled Videoconferencing Bot Makes Meetings Even More Fun

That is, if you're excited about the prospect of talking to a creepy joker-faced white beetle with eye holes as hollow as your soul when you're around the conference table. The folks at the Nokia Research Center's Smart Spaces lab are actually intending this design concept for home use, but I can see a lot more… » 8/11/08 6:20pm 8/11/08 6:20pm

Nokia's N800 Tablet Confirmed as First Sprint WiMAX Device

Nokia will support Sprint's WiMAX network with an N800 tablet. The information comes from head of Open Source Ops Dr. Ari Jaaksi. On top of WiMAX, it'll retain Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This is the device, BTW, that has been hacked to get Apple-like scrolling UIs and virtual keyboards. Pretty cool, but by the time the… » 8/09/07 3:28pm 8/09/07 3:28pm

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Reviewed (Verdict: Great For The Price)

Nokia 770 owners who use the Wi-Fi enabled device for web browsing, email and chat may not have a huge reason to buy the N800, but everyone else may. Costing only $400, this portable internet tablet has an 800x480 touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VGA-video calling camera, SD slots, faster RAM, faster CPU, and amazing… » 1/24/07 5:50pm 1/24/07 5:50pm

Nokia N800 Reviewed, Best Internet Tablet Out There

Nokia's Internet tablets haven't gotten much fanfare in the past, but according to the folks at Mobile Crunch, their latest silver slab deserves every bit of your attention. Looks-wise, the $399 N800 is sexier and more polished than its predecessor, the blocky 770. Everything from its symmetrical distribution of… » 1/19/07 8:10am 1/19/07 8:10am

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Unboxing Pics, Specs

Nokia's fancy N800 Internet tablet has been unearthed, providing us with both sexy unboxing shots and juicy specs. First, the specs: a healthy 4.1-inch screen that delivers 800x480 resolution, a 320 MHz CPU, 128 MB of RAM and a 256 MB of flash memory. It launches here at CES this week, but reportedly it's out in some… » 1/06/07 9:27pm 1/06/07 9:27pm