Nokia's Down With Making A High-End Open Source Phone, Just Not With…

When Nokia first showed me their Maemo Linux-powered N800 Internet Tablet, I told them it was cool but that, ideally, I wanted this exact product, smaller, and as a phone. Seems like two years later, this might finally be the way things are headed. » 12/03/08 10:10am 12/03/08 10:10am

Download First Firefox Mobile Alpha Release

The first Firefox Mobile alpha—codenamed fennec, after the fox—is up for download, as promised a few weeks ago. Currently, the only actual mobile thing it runs on is Nokia's N810 tablet, but you can play with it on Windows, OS X or Linux. Since we saw the Windows Mobile version over the weekend, it'll probably follow… » 10/17/08 5:40pm 10/17/08 5:40pm

Firefox Mobile Alpha Version Coming to Nokia N810 Tablet Next Week

Fans of Nokia's open-source internet tablets will be the first to take Firefox Mobile for a spin, reports PC Advisor » 10/10/08 11:30am 10/10/08 11:30am, with an alpha release coming as early as next week (confirming what we saw ). The choice of the Linux-based N810 makes sense for the first dry run, as its hardware and open development platform already …

Nokia's Jeppe Web-Controlled Videoconferencing Bot Makes Meetings Even…

That is, if you're excited about the prospect of talking to a creepy joker-faced white beetle with eye holes as hollow as your soul when you're around the conference table. The folks at the Nokia Research Center's Smart Spaces lab are actually intending this design concept for home use, but I can see a lot more… » 8/11/08 6:20pm 8/11/08 6:20pm

Mobile Firefox Is Six Times Faster Than Nokia's Browser on the N810

Anyone worried about Firefox's penchant for leaving a massive memory footprint when it makes the move to mobile can breathe a little bit easier. The hard optimization tweaks made during Firefox 3's development cycle have paid off: Benchmarks on Nokia's N810 show that the latest Mobile Firefox build is six times faster… » 4/09/08 9:00pm 4/09/08 9:00pm

Is WiMax All Washed Up? An Open Letter

» 4/04/08 4:00pm 4/04/08 4:00pm

Dear Sprint and Intel,
I'm sorry to hear about your recent WiMax delays and struggles, I really am. The Xohm service was originally scheduled to launch this month, but all you've given us are a few prototypes and half-baked demos in controlled environments—the public has yet to see the technology truly in action.… » 4/04/08 4:00pm 4/04/08 4:00pm

Nokia N810 WiMax Edition Tablet Hands On

Nokia took the shroud off its WiMAX-capable N810 Tablet today, which promises 4g mobile broadband speeds for the handheld internet tablet. The updated N810 will use Sprint's Xohm service, and adds a new mobile dimension to the device, which was previously Wi-Fi only.

» 4/01/08 2:00pm 4/01/08 2:00pm

WiMAX-Enabled Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Launching Soon at CTIA?

Those of you who didn't win our inappropriate Gizmodo browsing contest for a Nokia N810 internet tablet are probably patting yourselves on the back now, since it seems like Nokia will introduce a WiMAX-enabled version on April 1 at CTIA. So claims Boy Genius and his tipsters. [Boy Genius Report] » 3/13/08 1:55pm 3/13/08 1:55pm

Video: Palm OS Garnet VM Running on Nokia N-Series Tablet

Earlier this week we learned that ACCESS announced a beta VM that will allow owners of the Nokia N770, N800 and N810 to run Palm/Garnet OS applications. If you were skeptical, feast your eyes on the video proof. And while your at it, let the dynamic voice of the narrator send you off to a blissful night's sleep. [ » 11/16/07 6:53pm 11/16/07 6:53pm

Nokia N810 Hands-On Gallery and Video

The Nokia N810 was launched this week, and among the main details, I've got a few more impressions for you. (What few impressions I could draw from the quirky device.)

• Screen is A+ in sharpness, color, brightness and res (800x480). It's not multitouch, though, and you'll need a stylus.

• The keyboard's clicks are … » 10/18/07 9:33pm 10/18/07 9:33pm

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Officially Announced

As we foreshadowed earlier, the Linux-based Nokia N810 internet tablet is now official. The little PC that's scarcely larger than the palm of your hand hooks up to the internet via Wi-Fi, and also can snag a Bluetooth connection with your cellphone. With its highly desirable slide-out keyboard, looks like some tough… » 10/17/07 12:01pm 10/17/07 12:01pm

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Shots Surface and Whoa, It's Sexy

No more spy shots for us, well, at least as far as the Nokia N810 Internet tablet is concerned. These pics are for real, straight from the horse's mouth and leaked out before today's scheduled announcement. We'll have more specs for you later as soon as the official press release emerges, but for now, you'll have to… » 10/17/07 7:58am 10/17/07 7:58am