Nokia N79 and N85 For Sale in the US

The N85 had a quiet release last week, but now Nokia has announced that both the N85 and N79 are available in the US for $539 and $439, respectively. [Nokia] » 12/15/08 11:35am 12/15/08 11:35am

Nokia N85 Now Shipping

Nokia has confirmed that the NAM version of the Nokia N85 is now shipping (listings on both Amazon and Nokia have been updated). Still, it may be tough to score by the holidays. [Amazon and Symbian-Guru] » 12/09/08 11:50am 12/09/08 11:50am

Nokia N79 and N85 Roll Out Officially, With US 3G Aboard

After yesterday's dribble of info, Nokia's upcoming N79 and N85 are official now, and do indeed carry WCDMA support for US 3G goodness. The N79 has a 2.4-inch screen, 5-megapixel camera and comes with a 4GB microSD card in the box for storage, while the N85 has a 2.6-inch OLED screen, 5-megapixel cam and 8GB of… » 8/26/08 4:00am 8/26/08 4:00am

Nokia Rolls Out N85 and N79 Smartphones

We've had eyes on both of these for a while, but Nokia today has dropped a couple new N-Series phones into the official UK chute, and they are expected to follow stateside soon. The N85 slider (left) appears to be replacing the N81, and the N79 candybar does the same for the N78 (even though it only dropped in the US… » 8/25/08 11:18am 8/25/08 11:18am

Forthcoming Nokia N85 Slider Looks Like It's Getting U.S. 3G

Nokia loves to tempt U.S. folks with hot 3G N-Series phones that only work in Europe, before releasing a U.S. version several months later like they did with the N95 » 8/07/08 12:40pm 8/07/08 12:40pm. But according to , it looks like a version of the forthcoming N85 slider (N96's little cousin that ) with full tri-band WCDMA support is going to hit…