Unconfirmed: Nokia N93i Transformers Edition

This is still unconfirmed, but intomobile is claiming that the Nokia N93 will get a Transformers edition coming some time in Q3 '07. It'll be essentially the same as the regular N93, but include a Transformers game, some background images, and Transformers-ish ringtones. For those of you who actually saw the movie,… » 7/18/07 4:15pm 7/18/07 4:15pm

Nokia N93i Sends Video Straight to Vox Videoblog Site

Nokia showed off their updated N93i, the slimmer, lighter version of their videocamera/phone hybrid. One really cool thing you can do with it is use their new videoblogging service called Vox. It works great with the N93i, allowing you to shoot your videos right from your phone to the site with the push of a button.… » 1/08/07 4:33pm 1/08/07 4:33pm