Leaked Shots Show N97 Mini Officially a Bad Idea, N900 Looks Pretty…

"Hey guys, let's take the N97, not improve or actually shrink it in any way, and call it the N97 Mini." At least, that's what these leaked official shots of the N97 Mini show. The N900 though, still looks decent. » 8/25/09 7:19pm 8/25/09 7:19pm

Apparent Nokia N97 Mini Shrinks by Shedding Useless D-Pad

Shrinking the N97 won't exactly fix what was wrong with it, but this supposed N97 Mini makes the economical choice of ditching the borderline-useless D-Pad. Weenie-sizing the price would help more, though. [GadgetReview] » 7/29/09 9:20pm 7/29/09 9:20pm