NAB President: XM-Sirius Merger "Not About the Consumer"

Today, Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin hit Capitol Hill again to tell a Senate committee that the proposed merger would bring "more choice, lower prices" to consumers since it's trying to compete with a larger ecosystem that includes traditional radio and MP3 players. Yet at NAB '07 yesterday, NAB President David Rehr told… »4/17/07 9:40pm4/17/07 9:40pm


Gallery of Apple's Final Cut Friend: AJA IO HD Tames the HD Beast

The AJA IO HD is a miracle box for video jockeys dealing with huge HDTV files. Without it, getting all kinds of video into and out of Macs for Final Cut Pro video editing is cumbersome, and viewing your results takes a while. AJA IO connects via FireWire 800 to even a MacBook or Mac Pro, and is the only box that can… »4/17/07 8:00pm4/17/07 8:00pm

NAB07: Adobe Media Player First Look, Could Be Great or Obnoxious

After a post yesterday about Adobe's newly announced Media Player, we were intrigued with its possibilities and got a firsthand demo of the technology from Adobe at its booth at NAB. What the Adobe Media Player amounts to is a downloadable desktop application that plays back Flash video files. But what it really is is… »4/17/07 5:15pm4/17/07 5:15pm

NAB07: Holophone Surround Mics Look Exotic, Other-Worldly

Holophone was displaying a pair of new surround sound mics that looked more like alien spacecraft than microphones. The H3-D pictured here is the follow-up to the $6K H2. But dang, these things aren't cheap. The company's managed to get the price point down to a more palatable $1600 by using its own microphones inside… »4/17/07 3:00pm4/17/07 3:00pm

Eyes-On the Red Camera: Real and Beautiful, 4K Support Promised on Launch [UPDATED]

For a while, Gizmodo had been wondering if the $17K Red On 4K camcorder was genuine or just another piece of vaporware. That's why we're glad to see the camera at NAB 07 in front of our faces, with support from Apple, Peter Jackson, and others. We had a chance to talk with Red One "Leader of the Rebellion" Ted… »4/16/07 10:14pm4/16/07 10:14pm

NAB07: Apple Color, $100K-style Color Correction Included With Final Cut Pro Studio 2

Here's a video from Apple showing the only truly new application introduced as part of Apple's Final Cut Studio 2 rollout yesterday: Color. This sophisticated color correction tool looks like a $100K tool, but everyone gasped when the Applians said it was included with the software suite. It's rather derivative of… »4/16/07 4:30pm4/16/07 4:30pm

Apple Rolls Out Final Cut Studio 2: First Impressions

If you're interested in high-end video production, you'll want to take a look at Apple's Final Cut Studio 2. It's chock full o' apps, included a smooth new update to Final Cut Pro, now in version 6, Its main coolness is its ability to crunch HDTV video down to manageable sizes, made possible by ProRes 422, a codec for… »4/15/07 8:32pm4/15/07 8:32pm