ETRI's KOBIE and RABIE: Best Robot Friends Since Cartman (Video)

KOBIE and RABIE are networked robots designed by Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI). They are essentially sensor and motor arrays whose varied "emotions" are processed on a nearby PC. Because of the wireless connectivity, they deliver greater variety of response with less overhead within the… » 11/09/07 10:20am 11/09/07 10:20am

Nabaztag Gets Upgraded, Still Only Semi-Cool

That Wi-Fi eating rabbit, Nabaztag, is at it again with some upgrades. Some of the highly touted upgrades includes a speaker and microphone (in the form of a belly buttong, how cute) for two-way communication. The Nabaztag can also play podcasts and web radio. Anybody actually own one of these? Are they worth it, or… » 3/02/07 12:15pm 3/02/07 12:15pm

Netoy Tries to Kick Nabaztag to the Curb

That floppy eared desktop bunny, Nabaztag, is trying to be dethroned by another completely pointless desktop-widget device. Enter the Netoy. Netoy is an 802.11g-compatible device with a small 1.8-inch screen. He can display music track information, read news, weather, e-books arms and being an overall general nuisance… » 11/20/06 11:20am 11/20/06 11:20am

CNET Writer Gets Nabaztag, Fails to Fall In Love

CNET writer Daniel Terdiman is a cruel, heartless sort of dude: he got a Nabaztag (one of those electronic bunnies that reads you the news and wiggles its ears), but completely failed to fall in love with the floppy eared technological marvel:
» 10/26/06 6:56pm 10/26/06 6:56pm

If you want to send him some bunny love to put him back on track, his…