Nail Polish That Detects Date Rape Drugs Is a Damn Good Idea

A team of recent graduates from North Carolina State are developing a new kind of nail polish that changes color when it's exposed to date rape drugs. Just stirring a sketchy drink with a finger could let a woman know she's being targeted for assault. Although a little odd, it does sound like a pretty good idea. »8/25/14 11:41am8/25/14 11:41am


Lancôme Makes Itself Useful With Unique Magnetic Nail Polish Gadget for Gals

Overpriced makeup purveyor Lancôme decided to actually do something innovative for a change rather than just creating fancy containers. The result is a Le Magnetique, nail polish with different-colored magnetic particles mixed in. Here's where Lancôme's specialty, the container, comes into play. While the polish is… »11/05/07 10:31am11/05/07 10:31am