Women's bodies blend into a city's background with just bodypaint

Body painter Trina Merry hides the naked human body in plain sight by painting women exactly like the background of New York City. At the right angle, the women are essentially camouflaged because they blend in seamlessly with the cityscape. It's pretty amazing how perfect the paint is. NSFW » 8/06/14 1:48am 8/06/14 1:48am

Why is this naked guy clinging to an eighth floor air conditioner?

No one can really say why this guy is almost naked squatting on an air-conditioning unit eight floors above the ground. Some say he was by a cuckold. The building's security guards say he is a technician repairing the air conditioner. I say it's both things at once. » 6/11/14 11:21pm 6/11/14 11:21pm

Behind the scenes pictures of a NSFW Playboy photoshoot are so awkward

NSFW. This is NSFW guys. If you don't want to see body parts typical of a Playboy photo shoot, do not click. Anyway. NSFW. Here's a collection of images from photographer Patrick Van Dam's book Playboy Behind The Scenes. It shows how those iconic centerfold sausages are made and how hilariously awkward and unsexy it… » 2/22/14 12:09am 2/22/14 12:09am

Naked Human Bodies Jumping Up and Down in 2000FPS Is Not Flattering

Jiggle. Blubber. Bounce. Gravity's a bitch. It's especially unforgiving if you jump up and down naked while getting filmed at 2000FPS. That sort of slow motion camera work exposes all the extra meat we carry on our bodies. LA video artist Michael Haussman captured naked people in slow motion to show you what you're… » 3/22/13 11:00pm 3/22/13 11:00pm

Google Street View Captured a Couple Getting Naked in a Fitting Room

Because Google Street View is the all seeing eye of the universe, it has done wonderful things like go underwater, trek the Grand Canyon and... blessing us with an endless amount of laughter because of the ridiculous things Street View finds. This one might top it all though. A couple was found pants down (or I guess,… » 2/01/13 8:00pm 2/01/13 8:00pm

12 Naked Machines that Look Cool Inside

When I was a little kid, my favorite books were those full of illustrations that showed the guts of airplanes, ships, locomotives, space vehicles and all kinds of machinery. They still are. Machines' entrails are fascinating. Devoid of any skin, you can't do anything but marvel at human ingenuity. » 10/02/12 11:16am 10/02/12 11:16am

Having a Naked Girl in a Hot Tub iPhone Case Is Actually Very Practical

If you saw a guy totin' around this iPhone case that has a 3D naked girl taking a bath in a hot tub, you might assume he was a pervert. You'd be wrong. He's actually a very practical iPhone user that values function over form. » 7/10/12 1:00pm 7/10/12 1:00pm

The Classiest App To Get People Naked

Despite the great things the internet has done, it's also made us prudish about having naked images of us captured, and that's made it harder to get people to take of their clothes for you. Until now... » 8/10/11 4:31pm 8/10/11 4:31pm

Cops Tase Naked Marathon Runner

I've never run a marathon, but I'd imagine it's trying enough without thousands of volts of electricity coursing through your convulsing, naked frame. Yes, naked—as was the case for Ohioan Brett Henderson. He didn't win the marathon. » 5/02/11 6:20pm 5/02/11 6:20pm

Nevada Police Tase, Arrest Naked 'Terminator'

A man found naked wandering along the Nevada border has been tased and arrested despite his claiming to be a Terminator sent from the future. We're a little upset that police would harm anybody this hilarious. » 7/16/09 10:30pm 7/16/09 10:30pm

Get Girls Half-Naked in Your iPhone

I'm not a fan of the Suicide Girls—although I've a crush for Gwen, a waitress at the Blackbird Parlour who looks like one, only prettier—but I love their iPhone application. » 5/26/09 7:00pm 5/26/09 7:00pm

Get Girls Naked With Your iPhone (NSFW)

Probably because they were my first sexual fetish-after my English teacher-when I was ten, I still love those old strip-a-girl pens, which get pinups naked as you turn them around. Like iFloaty for iPhone. » 1/21/09 7:20pm 1/21/09 7:20pm

TechnoCrime: How Not to Steal an iPod to Look at Naked Girls

Everyone here at Giz has been a 14-year-old boy before (yes, EVERYONE), so we know how tempting it is to want to see your classmates naked. Well, stealing her iPod and then demanding that she film herself "performing a sex act" before you return it is probably the wrong way to go about it. Trust us. We tried this when… » 3/27/08 7:50pm 3/27/08 7:50pm

Transformer Dresses Should Be Mandatory for all Hawt Chicks (NSFW)

We've featured avant-garde Brit designer Hussein Chalayan before, but this time he's really outdone himself with Transformer-style clothing. Either it's magic, or there's an invisible perv lifting these ladies' hemlines &mdash in the case of the last girl, he lifts them so high that her dress disappears into her hat… » 9/20/07 6:22am 9/20/07 6:22am

NSFW: Optimus Prime, Darth Vader Get Nekked With Boobies

There's not much we can say about these nudie shots of Darth Vader and Optimus Prime other than words of relief that our childhood attractions are finally vindicated. Despite being the heroes of both Generation X and Y, these two really know how to get down and dirty. This is NSFW, btw, in case you work for, I don't… » 8/28/07 3:30pm 8/28/07 3:30pm

Solid Alliance Confound Their Critics With Naked USB Key

Solid Alliance, so beloved by fans of japanese kitsch, has gone in another direction with its latest USB key. Totally stripped down - I mean totally - the Hadaka's only flourish is a little pink light that zings up when plugged into your computer's USB. » 7/03/07 8:48am 7/03/07 8:48am