DIY: Nalgene Bottle Tripod Hacks

Aaron wrote us with a handy hack turning something he learned about in an old Gizmodo post into a cheap on-the-go tripod. Back in November we wrote about the Nalgene Press-Bot, a way to make coffee on the fly in Nalgene bottles. Aaron purchased this and encountered some problems. He mentions not only was the coffee… » 1/25/06 3:56pm 1/25/06 3:56pm

Nalgene, Meet The Press-Bot

If you're like me, you'll go everywhere with your Nalgene water bottle. The thing is perfect for jogging, biking, smuggling liquor and much much more. Now with the Press-Bot, you can use your Nalgene bottle to make coffee on the go. It works like a portable french press that attaches to the bottle to create a perfect… » 11/21/05 2:35pm 11/21/05 2:35pm