Why is It Called a 'Medicine Ball' Anyway?

Medicine balls, for those of you who haven’t been to a gym or never accidentally kicked one thinking it was like a soccer ball (true story), are heavy weighted balls coming in a variety of sizes and weights (with the biggest we could find ringing in at a whopping 150 pounds) with a diverse range of fitness… »4/21/15 7:30am4/21/15 7:30am

Breweries Have Run Out of New Names (and Hop Puns) For Craft Beers 

Hoptimus Prime. Smooth Hoperator. Hoptical Illusion. If a brewer has the chance to make a hop pun (and odds are good, thanks to the hop boom), they'll make it. But NPR's The Salt says that the explosion of craft beer over the past decade has led to a legal problem: There are no new names left. »1/06/15 10:30am1/06/15 10:30am

Man Changed His Name to VoteForEddie.Com, to Gain Campaign Attention

After election officials informed him that nicknames could not be printed on the ballot, Eddie Gonzalez, a Floridian independent candidate running for a congressional seat in the running for a seat in the 25th Congressional District—which includes parts of Broward, Collier and Miami-Dade counties—legally changed his… »5/30/12 11:45pm5/30/12 11:45pm