Rumor: Updated MacBook Airs Will Be Extra-Speedy With 400Mbps NAND…

It's expected that Apple will update the MacBook Air line this July, but with what, exactly? According to components manufacturers that the Japanese website spoke to, they'll include the latest 19-nanometer NAND chips which have been soldered right onto the motherboard, as opposed to using an mSATA… » 7/05/11 3:40am 7/05/11 3:40am

Toshiba Flash Chips Doubled to 32GB, Good for PMPs, Cellphones

Toshiba has announced it's beefing-up its line of NAND flash storage chips to 32GB sizes. The new package combines eight 4GB 43-nanometer chips into one—double the previous generation's capacity—and is specifically aimed at the portable device market. Since it can be dropped into existing slots, manufacturers have to… » 8/08/08 5:05am 8/08/08 5:05am

Ultrafast NAND Memory Reads 200MB per Second

Micron and Intel have co-developed a new 8-gigabit SLC NAND chip, which has data-read speeds of 200 MB/second and write speeds of 100 MB/second: five times faster than previous SLC NANDs. The 50nm-process node devices are available as samples to OEMs now, with bulk manufacturing planned for late this year. This means… » 2/01/08 3:03am 2/01/08 3:03am

Micron unveils RealSSD Solid State Drives in 32GB, 64GB Flavors

Micron announced today that they will be releasing the RealSSD line of solid state drives, including a 64GB drive. While the entire line ranges from 1GB to 64GB, the 32 and 64 GB models are geared toward notebook and desktop use. The drives feature a SATA II interface and draw a mere 2 watts of power.
» 11/28/07 2:06pm 11/28/07 2:06pm

Seagate Momentus Laptop Hard Drives Have 256MB On-Board Flash

Seagate's latest Momentus notebook hard drives feature 256MB of flash memory and come in sizes of 80, 120 and 160GB. The point of the on-board NAND flash? To speed up performance by caching frequently used data in the NAND instead of reaching onto the hard drive every time. By storing boot information in there, it… » 10/08/07 4:20pm 10/08/07 4:20pm

Sony VAIO Type G: Another 12.1" Sub-notebook with 32GB Flash Drive That…

For those who think that June will never come, can't wait to get a sexy subnotebook with flash storage even if it doesn't come with Mac OS X and live in Japan, here's the new Sony VAIO Type G: a 12.1-inch notebook that not only comes under the 2 pounds mark (1.97 or 898 grams) battery included, but includes a 32 GB… » 4/10/07 7:50am 4/10/07 7:50am