This Nanobot Gun Could One Day Assemble Inside Your Body And Shoot You

One of science fiction’s biggest unfulfilled promises are medical nanobots: tiny little machines that will run around your body, repairing what’s gone wrong. Scientists from the University of Houston are setting out to change all of that, with an incredibly clever self-assembling robotic gun that can clear blockages… »6/25/15 4:03pm6/25/15 4:03pm

This Ingestible Microbot Is Powered By Stomach Acid 

There's tiny revolution afoot in medicine, where micro- and nano-sized robots will someday cruise around inside our bodies, zeroing in on cancerous cells or repairing damaged but otherwise healthy ones. But before those ideas all become reality, those bots need a power source inside our bodies. That power source could… »1/19/15 4:45pm1/19/15 4:45pm

Robotic Insects Could Build Human Habitats on Mars Before We Arrive

Move over bristlebot »10/29/08 4:00pm10/29/08 4:00pm: Europe's I-SWARM program is developing some similarly small but much smarter micro 'bots that could be used to build human colonies on Mars. The tiny machines would be dispersed in huge numbers, working automatically and independently, and also collaborating together to form larger compound 'bots…

Researchers Begin Work on Building Real Life (Microscopic) Transformers

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have begun work on creating tiny groups of robots that utilize electromagnetic forces to alter their shape and function. Ultimately, the team hopes to build a large number of microscopic robots that are able to metamorphose into any conceivable shape. This would be done by… »2/03/08 9:00am2/03/08 9:00am

Claytronics: Programmable Nano-matter Creates Objects, Bad Fake Ads, Lousy Actors

This is Claytronics, a concept technology "formed by billions of microscopic robots, each with computational abilities and sensors that enable interaction." In theory, it will allow you to create 3D objects directly and manipulate them in real time. Like Silly Putty but smart, animated and without all the mess. »5/14/07 7:17am5/14/07 7:17am