Magnetic DNA nanoparticles and their use in the olive oil trade

Have you heard about the crisis in the world of extra virgin olive oil? Of course you have, this is important stuff. There's even a book about it. In short, most of the olive oils labelled "Extra Virgin" for sale in the States are in fact not. They have been diluted with soy bean or other inexpensive oils and given… »3/17/14 8:53am3/17/14 8:53am

New Nanostructured Snack Packaging Is Most Airtight Ever

A new coating material for food packaging could keep sodas fizzy, chips crispy and military rations more edible, scientists say. It's made of a thin film of nanoscale bits of clay, the same kind used to make bricks, mixed with polymers. When viewed under an electron microscope, the film looks like bricks and mortar,… »3/28/11 6:40pm3/28/11 6:40pm