The First Carbon Nanotube Computer: The Hyper-Efficient Future Is Here

Coming just a year after the creation of the first carbon nanotube computer chip, scientists have just built the very first actual computer with a central processor centered entirely around carbon nanotubes. Which means the future of electronics just got tinier, more efficient, and a whole lot faster. »9/25/13 6:20pm9/25/13 6:20pm

Nanotube Speaker Film: Transparent, Stretchy, Likes Moldovan Pop

Scientists at Tsinghua University in Beijing have just perfected a process by which nanotubes can be coaxed to emit sound, allowing for the construction of ultra-thin, transparent, flexible 'speakers', demonstrated above affixed to a waving flag. Unlike normal speakers, which produce sound with direct vibration,… »11/04/08 6:15am11/04/08 6:15am

Carbon Nanotube Manufacturing Breakthrough Could Mean Bye-Bye Steel

Carbon nanotubes have been popping »9/30/08 6:07am9/30/08 6:07am Giz for a while, touted as one of the next wonder-materials—but a new development in their manufacture means they may not remain "future technology" for long. In fact the work of a team at CSIRO and the University of Texas at Dallas means that commercial-scale production of sheets…

Nanotubes Could Make For Bouncy Cellphones: I'm Talkin' to You Butterfingers

Ah nanotubes. Is there anything you can't almost possibly do »8/14/08 6:20pm8/14/08 6:20pm? Well, now you can add bouncy cellphones to the list because a team of Clemson University researchers have developed a way to make beds of tiny, shock-absorbing coiled carbon nanotubes which could be used to cushion objects from damaging impacts. They hope…