MIT Nanomesh Paper Towel is the Last Quicker Picker Upper You'll Ever Need

Sorry, Brawny man. Your paper towels were always handy in a pinch for the occasional Coke-on-keyboard spill, but they fall apart when held up against this incredible nanomesh towel from the folks at MIT. Designed with the environmentally unfriendly act of oil spills in mind, this recyclable towel's potassium manganese… »6/01/08 3:00pm6/01/08 3:00pm

Nanowires Could Turn Your T-Shirts Into Nano-Power Stations

A nanotech invention by a US research team offers an intriguing glimpse of the future: slip on some nanowire-embedded clothes, plug your MP3 player or cellphone into them, and as you dance or walk around, your outfit generates enough power to run the gadget. More details on how the fabric works, and some nano-imagery… »2/14/08 8:54am2/14/08 8:54am

Rough Nano-Wires Hold the Secret to Efficient Heat to Electricity Conversion

The latest edition of Nature magazine details a new method scientists have derived for converting heat energy into electricity, using silicon to instigate the conversion. Researchers have more investigations to carry out, but if preliminary findings are indicative of what is to come, appliances that charge using your… »1/13/08 7:25pm1/13/08 7:25pm

Exploding Nano-Wires Create Maybe the Coolest Picture We've Ever Seen

Our newest family member, the slick sci-fi culture blog io9, has been around for about a day now and is already pumping out the hits. Just take a look at this photo of exploding nano-wires they posted. Yes, those are the tiniest explosions you've ever seen. Taken with an electron scanning micrograph by Fanny Beron… »1/03/08 9:46am1/03/08 9:46am