McDonald's New Nanoblock Sets Are the Safest Things You Can Eat There

Lego is still easily the world’s most popular building toy, but Nanoblocks have gained a surprising amount of ground over the past few years, especially outside North America. That’s why McDonald’s in Hong Kong recently teamed up with it for a collection of custom food-themed sets available exclusively from its… »6/04/15 6:00pm6/04/15 6:00pm

At Least This Faux Lego Camera Looks Like That Fancy DSLR You Wanted

Fuuvi's Nanoblocks are a smaller version of Lego that seem to have had some level of success in Japan. And while this isn't the first time the blocks have crossed paths with cameras before, this is the first official Nanoblock digital snapper that can be completely customized with other building sets. »11/07/12 2:40pm11/07/12 2:40pm