Nanotube Speaker Film: Transparent, Stretchy, Likes Moldovan Pop

Scientists at Tsinghua University in Beijing have just perfected a process by which nanotubes can be coaxed to emit sound, allowing for the construction of ultra-thin, transparent, flexible 'speakers', demonstrated above affixed to a waving flag. Unlike normal speakers, which produce sound with direct vibration, these… » 11/04/08 6:15am 11/04/08 6:15am

Carbon Nanotube Supercapacitors May Replace Clunky Car Batteries

Carbon nanotubes are one of the surprising new carbon » 9/22/08 9:00am 9/22/08 9:00am , and it looks like their application in supercapacitors may have a role in replacing clunky old car battery tech. Scientists at the University of Texas at Dallas have invented a technique to make supercapacitor "paper" made from randomly tangled carbon nanotubes…

Nanotube Scale Weighs One Atom at a Time

Yesterday we got a peek at the combined power of nanotubes-technology that makes a rope-driven space elevator feasible-but what can just one do on its own? Berkeley researchers have discovered that one nanotube can be used as a tiny platform to determine the mass of a single atom. » 7/22/08 1:20pm 7/22/08 1:20pm