A look into how restaurant napkins are made

The very best thing about dining fine at fancy restaurants is getting treated like royalty with the impeccable service. The second best thing about eating at a nice place is that you get to wipe your mouth with napkins that are perfectly threaded to wipe away mess and so luxurious that you feel guilty your skin is… »10/16/15 11:30am10/16/15 11:30am


30 Napkin Sketches Prove There's a Little Inventor in All of Us

Click to viewLast week I asked you to send me napkin sketches of your brilliant gadget ideas. The sketches I received ranged from good ideas to bad ideas to flat-out horrible ideas. It's safe to say that no time machines or gadgets that'll make you attractive to ladies are suddenly feasible because you did a poor… »7/08/08 1:00pm7/08/08 1:00pm