What's the First Thing You Ever Pirated? 

Tell us about your dark past ... with downloading and sharing media or software. What's the first thing you ever pirated? Were you sharing something you'd bought legally, or were you getting something for free? » 3/06/15 6:00pm 3/06/15 6:00pm

This Short Doc On How Napster Changed Everything Is Worth a Watch

The New York Times' Retro Report series has an excellent new short documentary video about the rise of Napster. Remember the year 2000? We were such pirates back then. » 12/08/14 2:22pm 12/08/14 2:22pm

Not All Artists Hated Napster When It Launched

When Napster exploded onto the scene in 1999, not every musician responded by frothing at the mouth. In this exclusive clip from the Napster documentary Downloaded, you'll see that artists' reactions were as diverse as the music they make. Trent Reznor's smug braininess meets multiple Spice Girls and everybody walks… » 6/27/13 11:57am 6/27/13 11:57am

How Napster Brought the Recording Industry to Its Knees

Just over thirteen years ago, a novel file sharing service called Napster sent the recording industry into a tizzy. Suddenly nobody had to pay for music anymore thanks to the Internet. Napster co-founders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker pretty much single-handedly spearheaded the file-sharing revolution that the… » 12/10/12 10:47am 12/10/12 10:47am

Airtime Is Just Chatroulette Without the Dicks

Airtime is a new startup by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning (of Napster fame) that recycles an old idea: Chatroulette. Yep, that random video chatting dickfest invented by some Russian teenager has seemingly been redressed in tailored suits and landscaped beards and is totally going to change the world. Joke. It's… » 6/05/12 12:56pm 6/05/12 12:56pm

Rhapsody and Napster's Last Ditch Death Embrace

Rdio, Spotify, and Mog may be the hot new subscription based services, but old timer Rhapsody just purchased all of Napster's subscribers. » 10/03/11 1:49pm 10/03/11 1:49pm

Napster's iPhone App Breaks Cover Despite Their Licensing Fees Concerns

Only a year ago we heard that Napster wasn't keen on launching phones apps, simply because the licensing fees were too expensive. They seemingly got over that small issue, as you can now download their "free" iPhone App. » 9/20/10 11:56am 9/20/10 11:56am

It's Almost 2010 and CDs Are Not Dead Yet?

I've started to buy vinyl records again. It's not because of the sound. It's the touch and the pretty pictures. Obviously, vinyl is not why CDs are dying. Zoom-zoom in, digital boys and girls. » 11/09/09 3:00pm 11/09/09 3:00pm

Why We Can't Have a Napster iPhone App (Or Android App, Or BlackBerry…

Napster's music service is part store, part radio, and attractively cheap. They know it'd be great on the iPhone, so much so that they've written an app—but they're not submitting it. Basically, it's too 'spensive. » 9/01/09 4:20pm 9/01/09 4:20pm

Greg Kot: The Music Industry Caused Piracy, and iTunes Isn't the Way Out

Greg Kot, music critic for the Chicago Tribune and others, wrote a book called Ripped: How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music. In a recent podcast interview, he enumerates the precise downfall of record labels and why iTunes isn't their savior. » 8/11/09 9:00pm 8/11/09 9:00pm

Is Napster Making an iPhone App?

Giz reader and champion Craiglist peruser Andrew F. happened across a job posting from Napster, asking for a software engineer with experience in "Mac/iPhone OS X Development." Such a posting might not normally be worth getting too excited over—after all, everyone's making iPhone apps nowadays—but Napster just… » 6/09/09 6:21am 6/09/09 6:21am

Napster's New Pitch: Five DRM-Free Songs, Unlimited Streaming, $5 A…

When Best Buy gobbled up Napster, Adam wondered what they could possibly do to make their expensive new liability relevant again. The answer? Go cheap. Very cheap. » 5/18/09 6:10am 5/18/09 6:10am

Best Buy Purchases Napster for $121 Million, Hopes People Remember When…

Hey guys, remember when Napster was relevant? You know, when it was the first peer-to-peer program and it changed the internet and music industry forever? Then, later, remember when it was turned into a pay service hoping to piggyback on the popularity of the brand? And everyone just moved on to Kazaa or Limewire or… » 9/15/08 10:45am 9/15/08 10:45am

Updated Napster DRM-Free Store <3 iPods

Napster announced the transition to all DRM-free MP3s several months back, but now their 6 million song catalog is fully up and running. Now compatible with iPods/iPhones, Napster even claims that their inventory is "50% larger than any other MP3 store," though we're a little confused on the math since iTunes offers… » 5/20/08 9:20am 5/20/08 9:20am

RIAA Wants to Cut Artist Royalties to 9%, Apple Wants Them at 4%,…

The RIAA always claims that its looking out for the livelihood of artists when it sues the hell out of alleged pirates, but in reality it's really fighting to keep record industry executives rich by defending an outdated and unsustainable business model. While before the PR team at least made an attempt to make it… » 2/05/08 11:00am 2/05/08 11:00am

Samsung SLM A747, First With Napster Service, Reviewed

The Gadget:The A747 is also the first AT&T handset to support the newly launched Napster Mobile service (AT&Ts answer to Verizon's V Cast Music and the Sprint Music Store), allowing over the air downloads of MP3s, ringtones and wallpapers on AT&T's 3G network. You can purchase MP3s one at a time for $1.99 or five at a… » 11/19/07 10:50am 11/19/07 10:50am

Sonos Launches ZoneBridge Plus Napster and Best Buy Music Stores

In a raft of announcements, Sonos today confirmed the existence of the $99 ZoneBridge 100, and launched two more PC-free music-store options on the system, including Napster and Best Buy's new Digital Music Store. » 10/23/07 6:00am 10/23/07 6:00am

AT&T Sells Napster Songs Over the Air For $2 Each

AT&T, which already sells eMusic songs over the air, will now be selling Napster downloads as well, at $1.99 per track or $7.49 for a bundle o' five. With an average cost of $1.50, that's still 50 cents higher than the going online rate of 99 cents, where Sprint now prices its OTA download tracks. (Verizon is still… » 10/22/07 8:14am 10/22/07 8:14am

Sonos Now Supports Zune, Napster, Yahoo!, AOL, and MTV

Sonos is spending like Web 2.0 Bubble money is going out of style, and announcing they've bought support for almost all the major internet music stores. Along with Zune, there's Napster, Yahoo, AOL and MTV support, which makes streaming pretty simple. » 1/08/07 6:00pm 1/08/07 6:00pm

Virgin Kills US Music Subscriptions

Tough luck if you were subscribing to Virgin Digital music, as the company is shelving their US operations and giving users some free Napster content instead. If you're one of the affected, you can grab your free Napster player and three free months of Napster To Go service as a consolation prize. » 1/05/07 6:10pm 1/05/07 6:10pm