Stolen Credit Cards, Drugs, and More Are All Up for Sale on YouTube

There's no need to go to the dark web to search for illegal products, YouTube has it covered. A 13 page report from a group called the Digital Citizens Alliance shows YouTube is lax when it comes to removing videos showing how to acquire illegal content including stolen credit cards, prescription drugs, fake… »6/18/14 4:00pm6/18/14 4:00pm

The Stunt-Double Drugs That Hollywood Actors Take on Camera

While movie stars aren't drug-free zones, movie sets are at least supposed to be. Which is why, during filming, actors have to make do with stunt-double drugs. An article in Wired neatly summarizes some of the most common stand-ins; here are a few of the best. [Wired] »5/14/12 5:24am5/14/12 5:24am

Taking huge quantities of real meth can lead to…