The World's Most Beautiful Cookbook Is Now a Beautiful App

Nathan Myhrvold's Modernist Cuisine keeps getting more accessible to home chefs. First it was a six-volume, 50-pound, $500 culinary encyclopedia. Then came the two-volume, $115 Modernist Cuisine at Home. Now it's an app—a gorgeously designed and far more practical way to learn molecular gastronomy techniques. »11/13/13 12:20pm11/13/13 12:20pm


Modernist Cuisine at Home Will Come Full of Recipes You Can Actually Use

When the six volume, 50-pound Modernist Cuisine collection came out last year, it was a beautiful and, in the eyes of some, seminal volume dedicated to the future of cooking. But it wasn't really functional for the home chef. In October, Nathan Myhrvold and his merry band of foodies will release Modernist Cuisine at… »5/29/12 5:20pm5/29/12 5:20pm

Crazy Coffee Science: Why You Should Salt Your Coffee and Expensive Espresso Machines Are Worth It

In a two-part interview about the massive coffee section in the even massiver 2400-page tome Modernist Cuisine by Nathan Myhrvold, one of the co-authors, Chris Young, reveals why salt takes the bitterness out of coffee better than sugar and insane, high-end espresso machines are worth it. [Eater, Eater] »12/10/10 5:19pm12/10/10 5:19pm

Bill Gates' Made Men: The Wild 'n' Crazy Ventures of the Microsoft Millionaires

Creating an organization bent on world domination takes more than just a maniacal leader with a high, cackling voice. It takes underlings. Henchmen, if you will. But these are no Bond villains. Bill Gates rewarded his geniuses with stock, just as they rewarded him with their hard work and ingenuity—and they wound up… »6/26/08 11:00am6/26/08 11:00am

Nathan Myhrvold's TED Talk: Penguin Shit, Nuclear Reactors, Technical BBQing and Whale Sex

This TED talk from Nathan Myhrvold, former CTO of Microsoft and founder of Intellectual Ventures, is entertaining to say the least. There isn't any useful information here, or news, or anything but Nathan is a fun engaging public speaker to listen to. With his voice's wide dynamic range (both baby bear and papa… »6/08/08 3:10am6/08/08 3:10am

All Things D: Nathan Myhrvold, Founder of Intellectual Ventures

This may not be a typical gadget post, but here's an idea that fascinates me. Nathan Myhrvold, former CTO of Microsoft, left to found a company called Intellectual Ventures. They invest in invention, not companies. He's been the subject of a New Yorker article on the abundance of big ideas by Malcolm Gladwell, which… »5/28/08 6:52pm5/28/08 6:52pm

The New Yorker on Simultaneous Invention and the Intellectual Ventures Laboratories

Malcolm Gladwell (smart guy, puffy hair) has a feature in this week's
The New Yorker about the history of simultaneous invention, the best example being Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray both patenting the telephone on the same day. There are many other examples, leading to the conclusion that "scientific… »5/07/08 1:15am5/07/08 1:15am