Buy a Lego Life-Size Replica of Yourself for $60,000

Lego Artist Nathan Sawaya » 10/08/08 8:30am 10/08/08 8:30am-one of the only six certified Lego professionals in the world, three in the US-will do a full-size scale Lego replica of yourself for $60,000. You just have to order it from Neiman Marcus, send some photographs, and Nathan will build your natural-size 8-bit version. Given his rates, that…

LEGO iPhone Already Pre-Bricked Out of the Box

Click to viewLEGO artist Nathan Sawaya stays right on top of the news with his blocky replicas, and following up his Halo 3 Master Chief creation we showed you yesterday is his next LEGO model, an iPhone. Since he calls himself a "brick artist," could he be reacting to the prospect of the iPhone turning into a brick » 9/25/07 11:35am 9/25/07 11:35am