Microsoft Surface Predicts the Election with McCain and Obama Bobbleheads

MSNBC had an impromptu demonstration of its new Microsoft Surface table this morning, and gave political analyst Chuck Todd a chance to play with his dollies. At first, the goateed Todd moved states around, zooming, coloring and highlighting with his finger. Though he didn't really have a full handle on all the… » 9/08/08 5:40pm 9/08/08 5:40pm

Ladies' Facial Shaver Makes me Say "Whoaaa"

This, my friends, is National's Ferie facial shaver for ladies, available on Amazon Japan for around $30 bucks. It's got two interchangeable blades, one for trimming your eyebrows, the other for "downy hair" (as opposed to "uppy hair," I guess.) I don't see anything wrong with a quick pluck, so this is not one for me… » 9/21/07 4:52am 9/21/07 4:52am

Energy Bill Got You Down? You Need Penguin Power!

In the universe of gadgets meant to monitor or conserve energy usage, this is the first we've seen that takes an anime approach. The Lifinity ECO is either a thermostat or a energy monitor (or both), using helpful cartoon penguins that keep tabs on your heating and AC settings, as well as the stuff plugged in around… » 5/18/07 11:53am 5/18/07 11:53am