This Map Shows You Just How Good (Or Bad) Your Area's Internet Is

An important first step in the FCC's National Broadband Plan has been taken. After lots of testing and research, they've released a map that shows you just how connected the internet is in your zip code, city, county—even your own personal address. Go see just how pokey your browsing is here: [National Broadband Map] » 2/17/11 3:00pm 2/17/11 3:00pm

So, No Free National Broadband For Us After All

We called it months ago, but finally the FCC has seen what everyone else could see back then: providing free national broadband for all would be too costly. So, the project has been dropped like a ton of bricks. » 9/02/10 1:15pm 9/02/10 1:15pm

FCC Submits Ambitious National Broadband Plan: 100Mbps in 100 Million…

We've known some of the major details about the FCC's sweeping National Broadband Plan—namely 100Mbps broadband in 100 million homes—for a while now, but today they've made it official. It's a sweeping proposal, with six main long-term goals: » 3/15/10 4:33pm 3/15/10 4:33pm

FCC Wants 100Mbps Broadband in 100 Million Homes

Almost a year after the FCC first announced their National Broadband Plan, some new details have started to emerge. Specifically: A "100 Squared" plan to give 100 million households 100Mbps broadband. Just for starters. » 2/16/10 1:36pm 2/16/10 1:36pm

AT&T Begs FCC to Phase Out Landlines Completely

In a 32-page filing with the FCC last week, AT&T asked that the requirement that it support a landline network be repealed. It's an aggressive bid to get rid of the cumbersome wall jack and move entirely to VoIP. » 12/30/09 10:40am 12/30/09 10:40am

Friendlier "Buddy" FCC Enters Blog and Twittersphere

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski continues his attempt to overhaul the commission's image as an agency for the people by launching the amusingly titled "Blogband" and a companion Twitter feed. The idea is to generate more feedback from average Joes regarding the National Broadband Plan. That's right, the FCC is … » 8/18/09 7:40pm 8/18/09 7:40pm

FCC Developing First Ever National Broadband Plan

Beginning this morning with a one-hour meeting, the FCC embarked on a mission to roll out a national broadband plan within a year's time. Where are they starting? With you. » 4/08/09 10:20pm 4/08/09 10:20pm