This Stress-Sensing Fitness Tracker Won the Nation's Top Design Award

The National Design Awards were last night in New York, where 20 products were vying to be named the country's best. The winner, chosen by public voting, was a fitness tracker called Spire, which claims to keep tabs on your overall well-being by measuring heart rate and breathing patterns to monitor stress. »10/10/14 4:24pm10/10/14 4:24pm

Foist Your Opinion: Cooper-Hewitt People's Design Award

If you read Giz regularly, you're as much a fan of smart design as you are of raw innovation. The legendary Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in NYC is letting the masses decide on their favorite designs over the past year, whether it's the obvious (iPhone 3G or Beijing's Eddie-Van-Halen-guitar-inspired National… »10/20/08 7:40pm10/20/08 7:40pm