Iran Denies It's Shutting Down the Internet in August, Merely Building…

Iran has issued a strongly worded statement denying reports from yesterday that the country planned to shut itself off from the rest of the Internet. Quite the contrary—Iran is just building its own, closed version. Totally different! » 4/10/12 11:40pm 4/10/12 11:40pm

Iran Hopes to Be Rid of Meddlesome Internet by August

Iran has had it up to here with the Internet—Google's easy access to information, iTunes' funneling in of Western Media, and don't even get them started on Stuxnet—all totally the Internet's fault. So, to preserve theocratic rule in the modern era, Iran is cutting off the Internet. Like, completely. » 4/09/12 11:20pm 4/09/12 11:20pm