The Devastating Effects of a Supervolcano Eruption

Way back in 1816, Europe and North America suffered heavy rains, odd-colored snow, famines, fogs and bitter cold during the summer. It wasn't the apocalypse though—it was the result of a supervolcano eruption. » 6/10/14 7:40am 6/10/14 7:40am

5 Ways Humans Can Cause Earthquakes

It's 2013. We've sent humans to the moon and can send trillions of gigabytes zipping around the world with the tap of finger, but still—still—we can't predict earthquakes. But we do know this: Messing around with a fault—injecting things in it, taking things out of it—can induce earthquakes. » 12/11/13 2:40pm 12/11/13 2:40pm

This Is What a Plague of Locusts Actually Looks Like

A plague of locusts sounds like the kind of biblical torment that we'll never really need to worry about. But they're real, they happen—and boy do they cause trouble. » 5/13/13 6:56am 5/13/13 6:56am

As Landslides Destroy Everything in Their Path, South Korea Tries to…

The torrential rains in South Korea have set off flash floods and landslides throughout the country, killing 41 people and sending 12 missing. It's horrible out there and with landslides like the one above, it's hard to feel safe. » 7/29/11 10:55am 7/29/11 10:55am

This Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Is Surrounded by Floodwaters

The good news: Nebraska's Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station is staying dry despite being surrounded by tremendous Midwestern flooding. The bad news: Nebraska's Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station is surrounded by tremendous Midwestern flooding, and a history of safety mistakes. » 6/28/11 6:04pm 6/28/11 6:04pm

By Your Accelerometers Combined, I Am Quake Catcher!

What if computers could be turned into a worldwide earthquake detecting network? With the Quake Catcher software and your laptop's built-in accelerometer, that might just be possible. » 3/12/10 9:20pm 3/12/10 9:20pm

Massive Hydroelectric Dams Could Have Caused the Sichuan Earthquake

Some scientists are claiming that the Sichuan Earthquake, which killed over 70,000 people, might have been caused by a 511ft-high dam constructed just 550 yards from the fault line. » 2/03/09 12:00am 2/03/09 12:00am