Adobe Improves, Drops The Prices on Its Photoshop Apps For The iPad

Adobe recently released three touch-friendly imaging apps for the iPad including Adobe Eazel, Adobe Color Lava and Adobe Nav. One month after their debut, the trio have been updated with a handful of new features and a surprising price drop. The apps were already reasonably priced when they launched, but now they can… »6/14/11 8:03pm6/14/11 8:03pm


Mapquest Gives Android Users a Free Turn-By-Turn Nav App

Android users now have the luxury of another free turn-by-turn option to choose from— Mappquest's free voice-guided nav app is now available in the Android Market. You can talk to it (search for destinations with voice); it can talk to you (it'll pipe up when you need to make a turn); and it has live traffic data… »2/16/11 8:20pm2/16/11 8:20pm

Dash To Can Its Hardware Biz, License Its Web-Connected Nav OS To Other Devices

We've always been fans of the Dash Express »11/03/08 1:57pm11/03/08 1:57pm, with its real-time web-delivered traffic monitoring and its constantly evolving app platform. Somewhat sad news today is that Dash Navigation will be pulling out of the consumer hardware business entirely and cutting 50 jobs (two-thirds of its work force)-enabling them to…