Garmin nuvifone Scenario Video Shows Fabulousness of Phone, Creative Fatigue of Nuvi Marketing Team

The nuvifone won't be available until the third quarter of 2008, but Garmin has already dropped a couple videos showing its product off. One of them is a bit dull, you know the sort of stuff, portentious voiceovers talking about "putting more power in the hands of the people." The other one, however, is marketing… »2/06/08 5:48am2/06/08 5:48am

Alpine PND-K3MSN GPS: Same Old MSN Data, Some New Tricks

The Skinny: Alpine's entire 2008 catalog was just leaked, and this is their MSN navigator with the same slow-ass movies, gas and traffic data that Garmin and others have been rocking for over a year. No word on size of the wide touchscreen display. There's a PND-K3 model without MSN direct.
The Good stuff: Actually,… »12/31/07 11:23am12/31/07 11:23am

Sanyo Easy Streetnav NVM-4070 GPS Nav Does Media Play in Traffic

Sanyo, not the first name you think of when you dream of GPS navigators, just came out with the NVM-4070, equipped with a 4-inch, 16:9 touchscreen, a SiRF Star III receiver, traffic, text-to-speech for reading off street names, 1.8 million points of interest, Video/Photo/MP3/WMA playback and an FM transmitter to get… »7/18/07 4:01pm7/18/07 4:01pm

Nokia Rolls Out 6110 Navigator in Barcelona: GPS Cellphone

Is this a trend? In its second GPS-enabled cellphone introduced today (see also the Nokia E90 Communicator), Nokia rolls out its 6110 Navigator, a versatile little slider handset that can not only make and take calls, but can also assist the directionally challenged. Plus, if you want some really fast data access, it… »2/12/07 10:20am2/12/07 10:20am