The Air Force Wants You to Stop Blaming GPS Satellites When You Get Lost

The Air Force isn't happy with some of the stories about the couple who got lost in the woods after following their SUV's GPS. For some reason, a lot of people keep blaming innocent GPS satellites for the whole mess. » 12/30/09 10:40pm 12/30/09 10:40pm

Evil GPS Leads a Couple to the Frozen Wilderness to Die

A couple was stuck in the untamed winter wilderness of eastern Oregon for three days after following their evil SUV's GPS navigator's directions. They were saved by a do-gooder GPS in their phone. » 12/28/09 2:45pm 12/28/09 2:45pm

Storm Navigator Watch Has Four-Faced Attitude

With four faces, this Navigator watch from Storm offers the time, date, temperature and a compass, and even makes you a sandwich if you ask nicely. » 12/21/09 7:20am 12/21/09 7:20am

Magellan Maestro 4700 GPS Navigator Prettier Than Most But Does It…

None of the actual features in Magellan's Maestro 4700 GPS navigator particularly stand out against the competition—4.7-inch screen, 3D landmarks, OneTouch bookmark access, predictive traffic, find your car—but it's a damn sight more attractive than most for $299. » 7/06/09 6:00pm 7/06/09 6:00pm

AT&T Wants You to Pay $10 a Month for Their iPhone GPS Navigator

AT&T has released TeleNav's turn-by-turn, voice-enabled GPS navigator for the iPhone at the expected price of $10 a month, proving that they're all going to be expensive, including TomTom's upcoming entry. » 6/23/09 11:40am 6/23/09 11:40am

Snowmodo: Install Motion X GPS For the IPhone So We Can Track Our Total…

Saturday, at our Snowmodo reader event, we're going to be tabulating everyone's ski/snowboard runs TOTAL mileage for the day for the entire Gizmodo hivemind. If you have an iphone, use the Motion-x gps app. » 4/02/09 1:01pm 4/02/09 1:01pm

GPS Navigator Tries to Kill Man, Man Arrested

Driving through Todmorden, West Yorkshire, Robert Jones followed his GPS navigator, as he normally does. But what he didn't know was that his navigator had decided Robert needed to die. » 3/26/09 9:20am 3/26/09 9:20am

TomTom Updates Cheapo GPS Navigators With Not Cheapo-Level IQ Route…

TomTom's two new entry-level GPS navigators—ONE IQ Routes and XL IQ Routes—are a lot like the existing ONE and XL, but with new cases and IQ route software from their pricier models. [TomTom, Thanks Dave!] » 3/23/09 11:42am 3/23/09 11:42am

VZ Navigator Update with Traffic Avoidance and 3D View Now Available

The latest and greatest version of VZ Navigator (4.0), which tosses in traffic avoidance for 75 cities, along with 3D view plus some other stuff is live right now. $10 a month or $3 to check it out for a day. [Verizon] » 5/08/08 11:15am 5/08/08 11:15am

Video: Real-Life Driving With Dash GPS

This video is what driving with Dash is usually like. At night, it can be especially undramatic, but even when there is a lot of traffic, the truth is, Dash doesn't reroute you often. I use the map as a guide and just drive around the reds (when there are reds). It's funny how the density of traffic data varies time… » 3/27/08 9:43am 3/27/08 9:43am

GPS Navigator with Built-In Breathalyzer

Billed as the first in the world, NDrive's G400 is a GPS navigator with a breathalyzer built into the side. I suppose this means that big drinkers will, finally, have an excuse to sing Show Me The Way To Go Home after a skinful. The fact that it costs 200€—just under $300—and that, according to Kit, who lives in… » 2/21/08 8:52am 2/21/08 8:52am

Motorola Updates Its Mobile TV With Navigator

Motorola's DH01 mobile TV, above, seen at CES last month, has been updated already. The beleaguered electronics company added a GPS navigation system to the DVR (and an "n" to the model number) and took its DH01n to Barcelona's MWC to show off. It still uses DVB-H format, though, which ain't exactly popular over here.… » 2/19/08 3:43am 2/19/08 3:43am

Garmin nuvifone Scenario Video Shows Fabulousness of Phone, Creative…

The nuvifone won't be available until the third quarter of 2008, but Garmin has already dropped a couple videos showing its product off. One of them is a bit dull, you know the sort of stuff, portentious voiceovers talking about "putting more power in the hands of the people." The other one, however, is marketing… » 2/06/08 5:48am 2/06/08 5:48am

Alpine PND-K3MSN GPS: Same Old MSN Data, Some New Tricks

The Skinny: Alpine's entire 2008 catalog was just leaked, and this is their MSN navigator with the same slow-ass movies, gas and traffic data that Garmin and others have been rocking for over a year. No word on size of the wide touchscreen display. There's a PND-K3 model without MSN direct.
The Good stuff: Actually,… » 12/31/07 11:23am 12/31/07 11:23am

TomTom 920 the New Flagship GPS Navigator?

Hints of a new flagship GPS from TomTom, dubbed the 920, are showing up in TomTom's 720 software. That's good, because right now, its hard for consumers to tell the major differences between the 720 and the 910 (pictured above), which are similarly priced, with ~4 inch screens. The 920, would, in theory and… » 8/01/07 6:21pm 8/01/07 6:21pm

Black Eagle GPS Video Logs Car Crashes

When the Korea-only Black Eagle GPS detects a deceleration of 1.1G or more, it assumes you've plowed into a tree or car, and saves an 18-second video clip of the collision. (12 seconds before, pulled from a cache, and 6 seconds after.) It also has sensors for lane changes. I'm not sure I'd want this incriminating AV… » 7/18/07 9:10pm 7/18/07 9:10pm

Sanyo Easy Streetnav NVM-4070 GPS Nav Does Media Play in Traffic

Sanyo, not the first name you think of when you dream of GPS navigators, just came out with the NVM-4070, equipped with a 4-inch, 16:9 touchscreen, a SiRF Star III receiver, traffic, text-to-speech for reading off street names, 1.8 million points of interest, Video/Photo/MP3/WMA playback and an FM transmitter to get… » 7/18/07 4:01pm 7/18/07 4:01pm

Nokia Rolls Out 6110 Navigator in Barcelona: GPS Cellphone

Is this a trend? In its second GPS-enabled cellphone introduced today (see also the Nokia E90 Communicator), Nokia rolls out its 6110 Navigator, a versatile little slider handset that can not only make and take calls, but can also assist the directionally challenged. Plus, if you want some really fast data access, it… » 2/12/07 10:20am 2/12/07 10:20am