Dash GPS's Major June 2008 Update Lets You Plot Custom Routes

Dash navigator's latest update rolls out today, allowing for a few key improvements.
• My Route records your local paths between two points (or locations within 1/2 mile of those points) and recommends the route along side traditional GPS routes next time you make the trip.
• Searches for points of interest "along… »6/30/08 11:00am6/30/08 11:00am

Dash Express GPS Updates Traffic Models, Software Update Coming

The Dash Express GPS just received its first historic traffic model update using the live Dash data gathered by users. That'll help predict traffic in areas where no Dash or other trusted data sources have been in the last 15 minutes. By end of month, a software update is coming with tweaks in performance, stability… »5/07/08 9:29pm5/07/08 9:29pm

Do You Use Google Maps Mobile to Check Traffic Alongside Your GPS?

That blurry GPS shot above is of the Dash Express with its IP-enabled mesh network of traffic monitoring. But most of you don't have such tech in your GPS, you've got something else without live traffic data. For those of you who have GPS devices without live traffic, do you use a phone with Google Maps Traffic to… »4/07/08 7:16pm4/07/08 7:16pm

Asus R700 3D GPS Navigator and Portable Media Player Mutant

The Gear: Ah, convergence at its best. Asus cross-bred a GPS navigator that does 3D maps and real-time traffic info with a typical Taiwanese PMP that handles MP3s, videos and photos in a 1.3-cm thick unit. The touchscreener also uses Bluetooth to verbalize incoming text messages (probably poorly) and dial calls. It's… »1/07/08 6:00am1/07/08 6:00am

Garmin Juices Up nuvi Line With New Voice Control on 880, Fatter Screen for 260w

What's What: Updates all along the nuvi line. The top-of-the-line 880's big gun is new speech recognition with a steering wheel-mounted push-to-walk remote, and burnt coffee lovers can bark out commands like "find nearest Starbucks." The Catch:Voice controlled GPS means you gotta turn the radio down to command, no? »1/03/08 5:00pm1/03/08 5:00pm

Dash Express GPS Road Test Sign Up NOW: Free Next Gen Navigator Anyone?

Hey, want to play with that Dash GPS I just wrote about a minute ago? Before anyone else has them? For free? If you love driving as much as you love free next-generation gadgets, stop reading Giz, click here and fill out the form to be part of Dash's Road Test. You've got the jump on the rest of the Internet, so go. »4/09/07 1:03am4/09/07 1:03am

First Shots of Dash's Datalink'd GPS Routing Around Traffic

It was so many months ago when we showed you the first of Dash's first of its kind GPS with a cellular data link inside. Today, here are the first photos of the device's updated interface, including Yahoo! search results for local points of interest. And traffic data measured by some mashup of historical data, time of… »4/09/07 1:02am4/09/07 1:02am

Hands On Garmin's Streetpilot C580 GPS: Instant Traffic, Movies, Gas Prices...with a Catch [UPDATED]

Dear Diary,
I'm back home! After a few hundred miles of scuttling between California ski resorts, seedy casinos skirting the Nevada border, and snowed out mountainous ranges between the two, I'm ready to declare Garmin's c580...not quite as good as its predecessor. That's not to say its not remarkable, however. »3/13/07 4:01pm3/13/07 4:01pm