NAVIsis Laptop Tablet: Every Laptop's A Tablet

Most of the time if you read the words "laptop tablet", you'd figure that the laptop was a tablet PC. But most of the time you wouldn't be accounting for highly dependable Korean to English translation. The $130 Laptop Tablet by NAVIsis is actually an add-on for any laptop, converting your once gargantuan Dell XPS to… » 3/24/07 4:45pm 3/24/07 4:45pm

EZ-Canvas Turns Monitors into Doodle Pads

Here's another DIY for today. Although not as hands on as our last. The EZ-Canvas is an acryl panel that clips onto your CRT or LCD and turns it into a touchscreen display. It has dual sensors up top that allow it to detect a pen/stylus' movement and latches on to screens sizes 17" and up. This is a pretty cool idea… » 10/24/06 5:28pm 10/24/06 5:28pm