Seeing real US Navy SEALs moving underwater is way cooler than any movie

This isn't a trailer for the next Tom Clancy movie. These are real U.S. Navy SEALs showing how they get into enemy territory from the sea. They get deployed in a mini-sub launched from a nuclear submarine. Then they get out as they approach the shore at night, ready to complete their mission. » 7/22/14 6:41pm 7/22/14 6:41pm

Did a New Taliban Weapon Kill a Chopper Full of Navy SEALs?

The US suffered a tremendous loss Saturday in Afganistan when the downing of a Chinook helicopter took the lives of 31 special forces troops. As Danger Room reports, it may have been an entirely new Taliban weapon that did it: » 8/08/11 1:20pm 8/08/11 1:20pm

31 US Special Forces Troops Die In Largest Loss of Life In Afghanistan…

The Wall Street Journal reports that a Chinook helicopter carrying 31 US special forces troops and 7 Afghan troops was shot down last night by a Taliban insurgent's missile. The crash killed everyone onboard. » 8/06/11 9:40am 8/06/11 9:40am

The Amazing, Movie-Like True Story of What Happened in Operation Kill…

The New Yorker has pieced together an amazing report about the Abbottabad raid aka Operation Kill bin Laden. Comprised from the personal accounts of the SEALs themselves, it has it all: Obama, Crankshaft, Pacer, DEVGRU, Cairo the Dog and more. » 8/01/11 10:03am 8/01/11 10:03am


Holy shit, did you know you could adopt an awesome, maybe-titanium-fanged WAR DOG ?! Even better, there's an entire association dedicated to the greatness of WAR DOGS. » 5/25/11 4:36pm 5/25/11 4:36pm

Pakistan Handing Over Lost Stealth Helicopter Tail from Osama Raid

The mission to kill Osama bin Laden went almost perfectly, in that we killed Osama bin Laden. One hitch—we had to blow apart an extremely expensive (and extremely secret) stealth helicopter. And we left a big piece behind. » 5/16/11 4:38pm 5/16/11 4:38pm

Obama Cracks Wise After the Operation to Find bin Laden

Tensions were high during the decision-making process that would lead up to the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Success depended on the precision of the Navy SEALs team in order to kill this slaughterer of thousands. » 5/07/11 2:00pm 5/07/11 2:00pm

9 Tools That Probably Helped the U.S. Military Take Down bin Laden

Unless you've been living in Tora Bora, you've undoubtedly heard that a few minor things happened this week. As such, for this week's toolkit, we've rounded up nine objects that we think the U.S. military probably found helpful in their pursuit of Osama bin Laden. » 5/04/11 2:00pm 5/04/11 2:00pm

Here's More Proof that Navy SEALs Are Unbelievable Supermen

If the perfectly executed killing of Osama bin Laden didn't convince you that SEALs are walking nuclear bombs with bear claws and the tail of a velociraptor, consider the above photo. » 5/03/11 9:20pm 5/03/11 9:20pm

Here's the Latest on the Osama bin Laden Kill Mission

News updates have been flowing steadily since last night's surprise announcement that the U.S. military killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. Here are the latest news blips from this afternoon: » 5/02/11 5:05pm 5/02/11 5:05pm

Forensics, Biometrics and Classified Technologies Helped Track Bin…

The National Review has sources telling them that the Joint Special Operations Command used forensics training, biometric analysis and NSA/CIA resources to help commandos survey, locate and kill Osama Bin Laden inside his secret Pakistan compound. » 5/02/11 1:21pm 5/02/11 1:21pm

The Secret Behind the Mysterious Digital Nikonos Camera

The legendary Nikonos was created by Cousteau and Wouters in the 60s. Built for submarine photography, it could stand a Kraken's bite. Later, Nikon turned it into an SLR. But this US Navy SEAL's camera wasn't an ordinary Nikonos. » 5/06/10 12:40pm 5/06/10 12:40pm

Navy SEALs' New Combat Sub Actually Keeps Water Out This Time

Apparently when a Navy SEAL takes a minisubmarine to a combat zone, his ride is an open system, meaning they literally spend hours with their bodies exposed to the water. Sounds terrible! Fortunately, they just got an upgrade. » 2/26/10 2:40pm 2/26/10 2:40pm