Did Apple Actually Bow to NBC to Get 30 Rock Back on iTunes?

One of the smaller, but still significant announcements yesterday was that NBC was coming back to iTunes and that they'd be one of the channels offering TV shows in high-def—for $2.99. Buried in that, even, is that they'll sell a bunch of older shows for just 99 cents an ep, and offer discounts to Season Pass buyers. … »9/10/08 9:00pm9/10/08 9:00pm

Microsoft Developing Copyright Filter for Zune, Will Block Pirated Content

Yesterday, NBC jumped aboard Starship Zune after its protracted breakup with iTunes. It's clear why—and going with NBC's pricing was only part of it. Saul at the NYTimes says that Microsoft has agreed to develop a copyright filter that would block pirated content from being played on Zunes. Which is exactly what NBC… »5/07/08 6:40pm5/07/08 6:40pm

NBC To Put 3,600 Hours of 2008 Olympic Games on MSN (in Silverlight)

In his CES keynote tonight, Bill Gates (and Bob Costas) announced that NBC would broadcast 3,600 hours of games from the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics via MSN on the site. The video will be both live and on demand, with over 30 simultaneous live broadcasts. The cool thing is that finally, people who… »1/06/08 10:20pm1/06/08 10:20pm

NBC Hooks Up With Netflix to Deliver More TV on Your PC

NBC has become quite the digital distribution whore, like they broke up with their longtime lover and are slutting it up to make them jealous or something. Their latest partner is, where subscribers can watch Heroes eps the day after they air—the release curiously avoids the word "stream"—as well as past… »11/29/07 3:45pm11/29/07 3:45pm

NBC Snaps Up Pop-Up TiVo Ads, Second-by-Second Viewer Ratings

NBC and TiVo have inked a nice little deal for ads and ratings. On the ad side, advertisers who buy spots on any of NBC Universal's networks—NBC, Sci-Fi, Bravo, etc.—can insert TiVo "tags" that'll pop up an icon for viewers to click on to get more product info. And make sure you see what's being hawked, even if you… »11/27/07 11:15am11/27/07 11:15am

AT&T Considering Scary, Content-Recognizing Anti-Piracy Filter for Entire Network

Remember YouTube's content filtering system? AT&T is mulling setting one up across its whole network. BusinessWeek's reporting AT&T's in talks with NBC Universal and Disney to possibly use content-recognition tech developed by Vobile—a company they've all invested in—to block pirated material from being sent to and… »11/08/07 8:00pm11/08/07 8:00pm

NBC Wanted to "Experiment" with $2.99 TV Show Pricepoint on iTunes, Cut of Apple Hardware Sales

Nearly two months after the fizzle out between NBC Universal and Apple during contract negotiations, NBC U CEO Jeff Zucker spills what some of the contested terms were. Most surprising is that NBC asked for a cut of hardware sales. Not the fact that they wanted a cut, but that they actually asked for it—they'd have… »10/29/07 9:00pm10/29/07 9:00pm

Viacom, Disney, Microsoft and Others Form Justice League of Copyright

A smorgasborg of media companies—Viacom, Disney, News Corp., NBC Universal, CBS, and others, including Microsoft—have formed a coalition laying out guidelines for protecting copyrights online. Their "principles" include using technology to wipe out copyright no-no content generated by users, as well as shutting it out… »10/18/07 6:30pm10/18/07 6:30pm

NBC refutes Apple's version of their spat: "We never asked to double the wholesale price for ou

NBC refutes Apple's version of their spat: "We never asked to double the wholesale price for our TV shows. In fact, our negotiations were centered on our request for flexibility in wholesale pricing, including the ability to package shows together..." This is turning into a bad Aaron Sorkin script. [Mac Rumors] »9/01/07 5:50pm9/01/07 5:50pm