NBC and Apple Exchange a Few Kind Words, Spark iTunes Rumors

NBC has a newfound respect for Steve Jobs and Apple, and Jobs himself has spoken about mending the fence with NBC. But do a few kind words really substantiate rumors that NBC will bring their shows back to iTunes? While we don't think a future reunion is far-fetched, there's nothing in either interview that supports… »1/21/08 1:30pm1/21/08 1:30pm


Today NBC Officially Leaves iTunes, So Why Are They Still Around?

Today NBC pulled their lineup (including NBC owned sites, such as Sci-Fi and Bravo), and ended their deal with the iTunes Music Store after a little catfight they had with Apple and El Jobso. However, as Italian blog setteB.IT points out, some shows from NBC owned networks are still up on iTunes, leading some people… »12/01/07 6:31pm12/01/07 6:31pm