A Map of Who's the Best (and Most Biased) at Picking March Madness Brackets

You're biased about sports. It's fine, we all are. It's part of the allure. But it's just as fun breaking it down to see exactly how we're biased. Yahoo gave Facebook Data access to its more than 60,000 brackets filled out by Facebook users, which Facebook has in turn made into some awesome visuals showing exactly… »4/04/13 10:01am4/04/13 10:01am


A Lot of You Have Watched March Madness on the iPhone and iPad App

This year's March Madness is even more awesome because of all the apps we have to keep track of it. And according to the networks, a lot of you guys have been using the official March Madness app to stream games. Their numbers say 36% of all streams (which are up 47% themselves) have been done via the app. That's more… »3/24/11 9:40am3/24/11 9:40am