The iPhone Development Gag Order Is Dead

After promising » 10/24/08 12:15pm 10/24/08 12:15pm they would axe the beyond-draconian NDA preventing developers from discussing the details of their own applications, Apple has followed through and released a revise that allows the devs to share, on Apple's or elsewhere. It accompanies beta 2 of the version 2.2 software, and also clears the way for…

Apple Drops NDA for iPhone Software, Apologizes Between Teeth

After much pressure, Apple has decided that they have been stupid for a long enough time and have dropped their much much-criticized Non Disclosure Agreement from released iPhone software. According to the company, the NDA was an unnecessary obstacle for developers:
To our developers We have decided to drop the…
» 10/01/08 11:42am 10/01/08 11:42am