RIM Goes Tag-tastic Over NFC

RIM didn't announce those NFC handsets for nothing, you know. Dubbed "Tag," their NFC service will allow swapping of URls, pics and other forms of media amongst BlackBerry handsets. » 10/10/11 6:40am 10/10/11 6:40am

The New NFC Is Going to Change the Way You Pay People With Your Phone

NFC is the almost-near future of how we interact with the physical world around us, and a new addition to the technology's protocol today is going to make using it a lot easier. » 9/29/11 12:25pm 9/29/11 12:25pm

These Little Cubes of Fun Interact With Each Other Using NFC

It probably helps to be a child, but in all honesty these Sifteo cubes look like so much fun, I'd definitely fiddle with them while procrastinating/waiting for pages to load. » 8/11/11 9:40am 8/11/11 9:40am

Nokia's New Bluetooth Gear Automagically Pairs With NFC-Enabled Phones

Great. More Bluetooth audio gear. But the Nokia Play 360 speaker and Wireless Music Receiver are a bit different: they use NFC technology to automatically pair itself with NFC-enabled phones, which is pretty neat. » 6/21/11 10:16am 6/21/11 10:16am

Sony Ericsson's Adding NFC to Its Android Phones

They've actually partnered with NXP, which is the same chip-maker that put the NFC support into the Nexus S phone. Get ready to be disappointed by how few places let you pay via NFC, nerds. [GigaOm] » 6/17/11 7:48am 6/17/11 7:48am

NFC in the UK Inches Towards Mainstream Adoption With Four Carriers'…

The UK's Vodafone, O2 and Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile) networks have collaborated on an NFC joint-venture that will put the squeeze on businesses to start offering NFC as a payment option for customers, and allow customers of any network with any NFC-equipped phone to use the service. They're hopeful… » 6/16/11 7:35am 6/16/11 7:35am

HP Wants In On That NFC Thing, Too

"Me! Me! Memememe!" cries HP, as they realize everyone around them has either signed deals or developed their own NFC services. According to BusinessWeek, both tablets and phones with NFC are being planned by HP, and could be available by late-2011. [BusinessWeek via BGR] » 6/14/11 5:40am 6/14/11 5:40am

Is Google Wallet Really the Future of Money?

If Google has its way with Google Wallet, your bank and credit cards will be obsolete. The only things you'll need a wallet for are IDs and cash. But is Google's vision really the future of money, here today? » 5/27/11 4:00pm 5/27/11 4:00pm

How to Save the Tired Angry Birds Game: Add an NFC Hurdle

Let's face it—we all finished Angry Birds eons ago, and are quite frankly utterly bored of hearing latecomers banging on about it. Rovio's quit making holiday spin-off versions of the game for a second, and added a genuinely interesting NFC twist. It's just a shame you need a Nokia phone to play it, really. » 4/19/11 6:00am 4/19/11 6:00am

Special 2012 Olympics Phone From Samsung Will Pay For Overpriced…

So hang on—not only do punters have to shell out hundreds (or even thousands) to get to London, plus however much a ringside ticket will cost, and now they're being guilt-tripped into buying a novelty handset with NFC? It's certainly a "souvenir," I suppose. » 4/01/11 3:40am 4/01/11 3:40am

QR Codes: Goodbye and Good Riddance

With the great NFC race looming, Google is axing support for QR Codes in their Places service. QR codes made a noble play for the hearts and minds of nerds, but honestly, I hope this is the first step towards their complete and utter annihilation. » 3/31/11 12:00am 3/31/11 12:00am

Rumor: Google to Use MasterCard and Citigroup Tech for NFC Android…

According to the WSJ, Google is to collaborate with MasterCard and Citigroup to embed NFC tech into Android phones. This would see anyone with a MasterCard or Citigroup debit/credit card able to pay with a wave of their Androidphone on a VeriFone cashpoint reader. » 3/28/11 6:40am 3/28/11 6:40am

Rumor: Next iPhone Won't Have NFC, But Apple May Launch its Own NFC…

British newspaper The Independent has heard from various sources at UK networks that Apple's next iPhone won't have NFC, as the rumors have suggested recently. If true, that'd certainly put a dampener on paying-by-swiping taking off this year. » 3/14/11 5:40am 3/14/11 5:40am

Leak: NFC BlackBerrys Are Being Tested at Bank of America

By affixing a new battery cover to BlackBerry handsets, Bank of America customers will be able to make payments at retail places that accept Mastercard PayPass, from this spring. » 2/25/11 12:23pm 2/25/11 12:23pm

Europeans Can Pay Using Their NFC Visa-Enabled iPhones, Too

Starting in Turkey, iPhone users will soon be able to use Visa's NFC payment system at one of the 40,000 cash-registers signed up to the scheme. For now those iPhones will need an iCarte dongle, plus the compatible app. » 2/01/11 1:00pm 2/01/11 1:00pm

Is Google Building an NFC Payments System For Phones?

Near-Field Communication isn't anything new, but according to BusinessWeek, Google wants in—maybe even this year. It'd let users swipe their phones on a checkout reader, paying for small purchases automatically, much like the Nexus S does already. [BusinessWeek] » 1/05/11 8:30am 1/05/11 8:30am

Google Wants to Kill Yelp With a Dose of NFC

What will the first official use be for the near-field communication tech found in Google's new Nexus S phone? It will provide a quick way to rate restaurants and businesses in the Portland, OR area using their new Hotpot engine. » 12/09/10 9:20pm 12/09/10 9:20pm

Digital Wallets at the Ready in NYC for Visa's Latest Trials

Swiping a phone to pay for a coffee is going to be one of the biggest advances in technology in the coming year, and from next month Bank of America and Visa will start testing it out in New York. » 8/20/10 10:10am 8/20/10 10:10am

Red Tape, Greed Blocking Widespread U.S. Cell Phone Credit Card…

In Japan, paying for things with a wave of a cell phone is old hat. Clothing, food, movies, loose women—you name it, they've bought it using a phone. Americans? Not so much. Here's why. » 1/25/09 12:01pm 1/25/09 12:01pm

Toshiba Media Server is a Wireless Powerhouse, Dodecahedron

This strangely sexy (for a networked storage device) Toshiba wireless media server concept on show at CEATEC takes a novel approach to design; as wires disappear, the necessity for an unimaginative stack of home theater equipment is diminished. The device is loaded with wireless capabilities, including Wi-Fi, wireless… » 9/30/08 8:50am 9/30/08 8:50am