A Wrench Necklace

The makers of this necklace say it's a "Honeycomb pendant with cord." But we all know what we're looking at: a set of four wrenches that hangs around your neck. It fits 8, 10, 12, and 14mm bolts. And in my opinion, $55 for a set of four wrenches and a necklace is a pretty good bargain. [Blend Creations] » 5/25/11 7:20pm 5/25/11 7:20pm

Heart Spark Jewelry Lights Up to the Beat of Your Heart

This heart-shaped pendant, made to look like computer parts, has LEDs that flash in coordination with your heartbeat. In the future, the pendant will even be able to log data regarding your heartbeat. » 12/18/10 2:00pm 12/18/10 2:00pm

Proudly Show Off Your Inner Math Nerd With the Pi Necklace

The Pi Necklace lists the first 100 decimal places of everyone's favorite irrational number, pi. It's the perfect accessory for Pi Day, or any other day, for that matter. [RGB Laboratory via Craziest Gadgets] » 8/30/10 10:00pm 8/30/10 10:00pm

Lightning Review: Olinari Dog Tags Hold, Secure Your Flash Memory

The Gadget » 9/13/08 6:00pm 9/13/08 6:00pm: Olinari USB Dog Tags, which hold various USB drives inside the magnetic-clasp locking necklace charm. These are the follow up of the undoubtedly overpriced , which somehow managed to both look better, feel better and have a lower price.

Tranquilizer Necklace; Be Annoying, Get Stabbed

Inventor Paolo Valletta would like to relieve you of your right to flying fear-free with what we have called his "Tranquilizer Necklace" concept. » 8/18/07 3:42pm 8/18/07 3:42pm

Transcend JetFlash V90 Stores and Sparkles

Transcend just announced a shiny new addition to its JetFlash USB lineup in the form of the V90. Available in sizes up to 2GB, the drives start at $27.99 and come in either a mother-of-pearl finish or a fiberglass weave over metal. With the included long chain, the drive can be worn as a necklace and should be a nice… » 6/18/07 2:20pm 6/18/07 2:20pm

Mosquito-Repelling Necklace

Here's one of those things that probably doesn't work, but it would really be great if it did: a mosquito-repelling necklace. This battery-operated device transmits high-pitched noises that are obnoxious to them 'skeeters, chasing them away and keeping them from sucking your blood. The company says it's effective up… » 5/25/06 1:06pm 5/25/06 1:06pm

Manicure Necklace

When it just doesn't feel appropriate to whip out your 40-piece hand, foot, and butt-crack cleaning kit, we offer this charming piece of functional jewelry. This dog-tag-shaped thing allows you to file down and then clean the feces, blood, and hair from under your coke nail. I'm saying WTF on this one, but you do what… » 5/17/06 2:43pm 5/17/06 2:43pm