Negroponte Open Sources OLPC Hardware Design, Invites Copy-Cats

The embattled OLPC program, already reeling from job cuts and salary decreases, is making one final attempt to stay afloat: Open source everything and hope enough companies copy the design to make it profitable. » 2/08/09 12:00pm 2/08/09 12:00pm

Hands On With Intel Classmate Tablet: So Far Just a Touchy,…

When news of the Classmate tablet broke yesterday » 8/21/08 4:10pm 8/21/08 4:10pm, it was hard to know what to think. In terms of specs, the device is a far sight better that the Classmate 2.0, but aside from the new tablet form factor, the diminutive netbook didn't seem to include any truly innovative new features. During the Intel Developer Forum…

OLPC Planning and Praying for $50 Laptop

In a chat with Laptop Mag about the booming ultra-cheap, ultra-portable laptop market, blustery and beleaguered OLPC founder Nick Negroponte actually manages to keep his cool while dissing his rivals—a laudable feat—and drops a couple of interesting bits: OLPC is still on a trajectory toward a $50 laptop, and they're… » 4/08/08 5:00pm 4/08/08 5:00pm

OLPC's Negroponte Not Exactly Looking For a Successor (Plus XO Getting…

Reports of OLPC's Negroponte looking for a replacement to fill his CEO role were a bit unfounded, as the man himself just claimed that the organization HAS no CEO, and that whatever the replacement does, it won't be what Negroponte is doing. Negroponte says: » 3/10/08 5:00pm 3/10/08 5:00pm

OLPC Founder Negroponte Is Getting the Hell Out of Dodge

The One Laptop Per Child project, initially famed for its lofty goals, became known for becoming one of the more impressive shitshows in tech, in part thanks to founder Nick Negroponte's own foibles. So it's probably not a bad thing for the org—as much credit as he deserves for starting it—that he's stepping off to… » 3/06/08 11:20am 3/06/08 11:20am

Intel Joins OLPC Team

The two biggest rivals aiming to distribute laptops to the third-world shorties—Intel, develper of the Classmate PC, and One Laptop Per Child led by Nick Negroponte—have shaken hands and buried the hatchet, says the AP. Here's the skinny: » 7/13/07 11:22am 7/13/07 11:22am

Nobody mentioned taking back , but surely that's in the agreement somewhere. []

Negroponte to Intel: You Suck!

Nicholas Negroponte has started a bitch-fight against Intel because, according to him, they are trying to drive him out of business by underpricing their OLPC rival, the Classmate. He says that Intel "should be ashamed of itself" arguing that by bringing a low-cost laptop to developing countries, they hurt "his… » 5/21/07 9:38pm 5/21/07 9:38pm

Nick Negroponte Changes OLPC Name Again

Gee, would Negroponte just pick a name for the OLPC laptop and stick to it? First the $100 laptop was just called the $100 laptop, then "upgraded" to the CM1: The Children's Machine 1, then the 2B1 Children's Machine. Now? XO, which stands for nothing (besides being short for hugs and kisses). » 10/24/06 4:00pm 10/24/06 4:00pm

$100 PC Now Costs $130, Due in April, 2007

Nicholas Negroponte of MIT's Media Lab showed off the latest version of his $100 OLPC (One Laptop Per Child), the Linux-based laptop that will begin shipping to developing countries starting in April, 2007. The 2-pound laptop won't cost $100, though. Its price will actually be between $130 and $140 not including… » 6/02/06 9:31am 6/02/06 9:31am

Buy One $100 Laptop, Give Two to Kids

PledgeBank, the site that allows its users to vow to do something and then encourages others to do the same, is where Mike Liveright set up his particular pledge: he will purchase three of the MIT Media Lab's $100 OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) laptops at $300, giving two of them away. He'll do this only if 100,000… » 5/25/06 8:41am 5/25/06 8:41am