An Eerie Portrait of Brooklyn's Former Industrial Wasteland

Gowanus is a Brooklyn neighborhood long known for its polluted canal and not-so-desirable industrial vibe. But like many once derelict areas, it is rapidly transforming into a landing place for restaurants and young professionals. The still untamed nature of the neighborhood has been artfully captured by Miska… »11/11/14 1:22pm11/11/14 1:22pm

The Best Fireworks in NYC Might Be This Beloved Illegal Display

Sure, there will be big, corporate-sponsored firework displays tonight in New York City, but the most entertaining show might be found in a neighborhood on the far northwestern tip of Manhattan. A documentary has been made to capture this dramatic display that pits block against block in the ultimate pyrotechnic… »7/04/14 12:00pm7/04/14 12:00pm

Get Your Whole Neighborhood Together with Block Party in a Box

Every city street is actually a block party waiting to happen, a coiled spring of neighborly hangouts and community come-together yearning for a release. Kevin Van Lierop decided to make that process a little less daunting with his "Block Party in a Box." Now your neighborhood has no excuse not to get down. »3/13/14 4:20pm3/13/14 4:20pm

The New Reality Show Urban Suburban Makes Homeowners Choose Sides

Shows like Million Dollar Listings are fun and all—but, like, who can relate? The new Discovery Fit & Health show Urban Suburban might represent a more realistic real estate conundrum for most Americans: a real-life version of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, where homebuyers have to decide between settling down… »11/04/13 12:40pm11/04/13 12:40pm

From Abington to Yorkleigh: What to Name Your Subdivision in 1949

Did you grow up in a place called Colonial Terrace? Lawndale? Hawthorne Grove? Then you might want to thank Stanley L. McMichael. In his 1949 book Real Estate Subdivisions, the real estate guru took all the guesswork out of naming new suburban streets, providing a supersafe and hypersanitized vanilla list of options… »10/31/13 6:40pm10/31/13 6:40pm